2020 Holidays

Dec 16 2020

<p>2020 Holidays</p>

I have always felt that holidays are there for lazy people to make excuses, after working so hard for the last couple of months I don’t feel that way. I now feel that holidays are for those that truly want to celebrate them.

As an example, let’s take Christmas. Even though this holiday is over commercialised, it is still a true celebration for the most religious people. It includes happiness and a free heart. If you truly want to celebrate the holiday, there is no way to be working in the same day, that is why instead of waisting sick days or getting a vacation to celebrate truly, national holidays were created.

I can understand how it all started. A king had a son, and on that day, a holiday in that kingdom was created. No-one would work, and everyone would celebrate the birthday of the king's son. The same thing is happening nowadays, although now we create holidays ourselves.

How to spend holidays productively

The scariest thing about holidays is breaking off my habits streak. I have been doing many habits from the start of August. The biggest one, writing, I have been doing since the middle of October. This means that in reality, I have been keeping a streak for somewhere close to 2 months. That is not that grand is not something to be proud of yet.

Why does this really matter? Because I want to know that I am consistent enough, that I put my reps in. The habit streak just helps me understand that I am on the correct path, and it doesn’t matter how my day went if I have completed each and every habit.

Things that I will try to avoid fully:

  1. Alcohol of any kind. That will be tough because it is more than normal to drink a glass of champagne or wine. I have been avoiding alcohol for a long time, and I really hate feeling hangover, that is why I will not temp faint this holidays.
  2. Partying too late. I know that due to Covid this will be much easier to achieve, but I will not be celebrating alone and having a company and friends means that I will have to be entertaining and not go to bed at 22:00 as I usually do. That being said, I will not go to sleep later than 1:00 ever.
  3. Hanging out with the wrong people. Even though holidays are meant to unite and to increase your social circle, I know that I just lose all of the energy and will to live when I hang out with particular types of people. My main goal for the holidays and for the rest of my life, in general, is to never be around those people.
  4. Being happy. Every single day, even after I finish every habit that I have wanted to do, I am always trying to push just a little bit more. That, of course, is correct as you can never do everything, but that also causes me small burnouts and I never truly rest. It causes me to think of the work whenever I relax because not working just feels wrong.

picture of relaxation or side project

2020 - the year that got blamed

There are so many things that I want to do still, but understanding and prioritising is probably the name of the game for me right now.

I understand that 2020 has been tough on everyone, and I will most likely write a full, personal review of the year, but I don’t think the year can be blamed. I want to write more about this topic. But the year itself didn’t really do anything, it just existed. We, humans, made all of these problems, no-one else.

Stay Healthy ❤️

Klim Y