Always Trying New

May 14 2021

<p>Always Trying New</p>

I feel that one of the most fun and interesting thing someone can do is to try doing something new entirely as much as possible.

We as human beings have created an incredible number of things that range from sports and entertainment to creating a satellite system to provide us with the internet.

There is an incredible number of fields and industries for everyone to choose from and for everyone to try to explore.

What is more amazing is that even if you spent whole your life trying to get semi-good at all of them, you wouldn’t have enough time because of the sheer amount of them and the complexity that goes into them in order to become a decent professional.

But does that mean that much better use of your time is specialising and choosing a single thing to focus on?

Well, this question is an interesting one because it has just as many follow up questions as answers.

In my opinion, I don’t think hyper specialisation is a way to go. As a believer in the economic approach together with the psychological approach, or the behavioural economics, I feel that knowing parts and bits from many nodes of knowledge is a much better way to aggregate and create theories that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

The field of behavioural economics is, in its essence, the psychologists' fusion with economics and vice versa.

Even if you choose to specialise, exploring just the surface of the other field would let you really get new inspiration and see what problems they have and what methods they use to solve them. Sometimes an accountant working in sales can really learn a thing or two about the way to structure their workflow and to understand the way clients shape their choosing pattern.

But in my honest opinion, trying something new that you have never done before is the most fundamental thing that goes into everything in our lives. Not only in the carrier and work that you do but also in the food you eat and the people you speak with.


A couple of days ago, I saw a Nike commercial where pro athletes do other sports and fail miserably, and in the end, they are frustrated and look silly, but they are having incredible fun.

The ad's message is that no one cares how you would look when you try something new. What matters is that you tried and challenged yourself to something that others feel extremely different from you.

Looking silly while enjoying yourself is not a thing to be embarrassed about. Instead, it should be something you shouldn’t even care about and just do the thing that makes you happy.

For sports, trying new ones has been one of the most interesting things that I have never really thought of, but slowly but surely, I have started trying new things, and it has never been more rewarding than that.

Just simply analysing, feeling and going through the new motions have let my brain really think different in every part of my life.