An excuse to not finish

Nov 13 2020

<p>An excuse to not finish</p>

Notes are fun, and Blog is work

Let me get something straight.

When I write, I really know when I hit the good story or something I can elaborate and create a nice and fully-fledged blog post.

  1. It is either that I can feel that my writing is angling a specific way, or that my brain has 2 more topics in mind that I want to cover for the specific blog article. This means that it would be a waste to store it in the Notes section as mostly I use them for short musings, such as this one.
  2. Also, the blog posts require more work and are more specific with what I want to write.
  3. They have a better structure where they have bullet points, lists and such. (This is a huge part that I am underutilising even to today in my writing)

Structure to text

I think that people really underestimate what you can do with text.

Some of the functions and representations that you can get out of the text are basically amazing nowadays. There is a common understanding and structure with what you can use and how to represent it.

The best part that you can use it at any points and in any text you want. It won’t look bad, and it won’t ~fil~ feel wrong or incorrect.

Text representation only improves your style and cohesion to the reader, and if you are not using specific tools, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

I think that we gotta be more structured in our writing if we want to get better cohesion. That is the best way to go about it.

One of the least underused mediums is images, gifs and especially emojis 🌝

Look at Instagram comments and how they changed since the rise of it in the last 6 years.

There are little to no words, and the comments always, always include emojis. The more light-headed content is, the more emojis there are. Even Instagram gives you an option to pick out of the list of emojis straight away as it is that common to comments with emojis. 👀

Don’t be afraid that your content won’t be serious or mature enough if you use emojis. It will be perfect. Just use them at the right place and in the writing structure.

I think the best example I saw was from @levelsio and his Makers book with titles with emojis 📕.

Experiment 👨‍🔬

Hey! Title with emojis! Cool.

Just try things and get feedback. That way, you will be able to understand how and why people react to specific things.

Do things and learn from them.

Start now. Get perfect Later.

Klim Y