Are you really motivated?

Feb 11 2021

<p>Are you really motivated?</p>

It is tough to start working on something whilst you are not motivated, at the same time, it is extremely hard to progress if your motivation is fake or not good enough.

I have very recently discovered that the main reason that I don’t get some of the things done is that I have no motivation to do them. That is the only reason I procrastinate or push things onto someone else.

There seems to be 3 different and distinct problem with motivation in everyday life.

No motivation

Usually, this is present for those that are still in school or university. Because in reality, they don’t like their subjects or they don’t see what the education would give them, they can only go through the everyday studying by sheer perseverance. Otherwise, they would not be able to study what so ever because they simply don't have any motivation.

So why are there so many cases of university students procrastinating the whole semester to spend the last 2-3 days of cramping all their assignments?

Of course, the main reason is that the students don’t really realise why are they supposed to do those assignments and what would they get in return.

Having no particular result that you would get from the task would make sure that you also have no motivation to do the task in the first place, which as a result leads to low performance overall.

Not your own motivation

It is very easy to underestimate how often what you do is actually forced onto you by others instead of it being your own decision.

Sometimes people live their whole lives with values, goals and even motivations that their parents, friends or colleagues put onto them.

They live all their lives like that and always wonder why it seems that they are lazy or not really interested in being more skilled and profound? How can you be motivated and especially when the process is challenging when deep inside, you don’t even want to be doing that task in the first place.

That can happen to anyone, but mostly that problem is noted in young people who got told by their parents what to do and where to go. How many doctors do you think wanted to be a doctor from the bottom of their heart and how many doctors wanted to be doctors because it is a high paying job that guarantees you monetary success? Which of this two would you trust your health?

Low motivation

This type of fake motivation is very alike, with not your own motivation.

There are situations in life when you set yourself a goal, and for some reason, you can’t force yourself to work towards that goal. For some reason, there are always excuses, procrastination and other things that are stopping you from progressing further in that discipline.

Did you want to learn French and have not started after 5 years? You wanted to start playing in the local basketball league, but you barely play once a month? You wanted to get that promotion, but you haven’t even told your boss that?

All of this is most likely because of either two things. First, you might not even have a concrete understanding of what achieving that goal would give you in the end. What would be the result of your hard work?

In the case of promotion, would you be getting more money? How much and what will you do with that extra money?

Would you be having to work more hours, or maybe you would have more responsibility? Would you be respected more by your surrounding if you got that promotion?

All of the things that would happen to you once you achieve the goal are the most important things that you must think about to achieve great heights.

With no motivation, you will never see the result, so do anything you can to be as motivated as possible. Otherwise, you can stop at the start.

Another cheat way to achieve goals is small habits towards the goal, but even they themselves require a little bit of motivation, to begin with, and to keep on going.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y