Ask for help

Apr 2 2021

<p>Ask for help</p>

As a person who was subjected all my life to different issues that changed me as a person completely, I at first found seeking help from someone and especially speaking to a therapist, something that should be looked down on.

But since then, I grew out of the bubble of carefree life and understood that I couldn’t be more wrong.

It is not only nothing to be ashamed of, but something to be proud of that you are seeking help and speaking to a therapist.

Today was my first sessions in 13 years, and I couldn’t have been more happier and relaxed than I ever was.

I finally understand why high achieving individuals have a habit of speaking to a therapist on a regular basis.

Speaking to a therapist gives you a safe place, somewhere where you are able to talk about your inner feelings and things that bother you. You are able to share and evaluate things that are bothering you and are making you struggle in life.

No meditation can help you with that. If meditation is trying to change attention, therapy sessions are more of the way to deal with the root cause.

Usually, people go to the therapist when they have huge problems already, but in reality, sometimes it can already be too late when you are actively seeking help. That is why even if a person that seemingly has no problem attempts to have a session, the therapy would still have a life-changing effect.

You might not realise, but there could be hidden multiple levels of bad habits and bad reasoning in what can seem to be normal behaviour.

Writing as a form of self-help

I have started journaling every day. I will be celebrating 7 months with no breaks.

Writing at least 600 words about the things that have happened with me, things that are on my mind and things that I want to do but haven’t gotten to them just yet.

There I also talk about things that bother me and things that inspire me. I document all of that in ROAM research, and I have evergreen notes that interlink and help me later study the things that I have written.

That practice alone has probably let me understand myself in those 7 months, much more than living life normally up to that point.

The reason for it is because when I write, I express myself so well that there are nearly the same effects as meditation or even speaking to a therapist.

Today, when talking about my issues, I felt as if I have already done that, but only in writing instead of speech. That has been really a revelation for me, considering that I never viewed writing with those effects in mind.

Why look for help

You might not realise, but everyone, without exceptions, has a messed up mind and personality.

We all have problems, and we all have issues that need and require constant attention.

Most of those things get’s ignored or put in the back of our heads as not to remind us of the painful or uncomfortable experience. But in reality, it is much better to deal with those issues as stepping past them would help you push past the obstacles and reach the next milestones.

I myself only understood that and identified so many problems within myself that I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start, but if you are smart enough, you can start helping yourself before you are trapped.

Be open and be ready to learn. As long as you are open to new things, self-help will itself magically appear in your life.

Klim Y