Be gentle with yourself

Apr 14 2021

<p>Be gentle with yourself</p>

I have been a huge hater of myself for a long time now because I constantly can find spots in life that I am not really happy about or feel that I am being lazy.

Most of the time, it has been sports and sporting activities that I have been neglecting, which as a result, affect my health and my general well being.

I agree and understand that sports are a huge part of our lives that deserves to be acknowledged and used to improve ourselves to reach better results.

But at the same time, other times when it is not sports, I have been furious at myself for being lazy at work and other rated habits.

To tell you the truth, sometimes there are some justifications for the way that I feel. Maybe I did feel lazy, and maybe I did not do the best work that I can possibly do during the day.

But either way, sometimes I take it to the next level and get mad at myself and feel guilty for nothing, making my own feelings worse as well as not letting myself rest what so ever.

For example, for the past 3 days, I was at the best friends wedding as well as getting food poisoning and not being able to think straight.

You would probably think that it justifies me skipping some of the activities that I have been doing before every single day, but my brain thought otherwise. Even in extreme pains where I could barely move, it reminded me that instead, I should be doing the more productive and more beneficial things.

I know that maybe being sick does justify not giving your 100%, but for some reason, my brain doesn’t understand that.

Mark what is considered a success

I feel that one of the most important things that you can do, especially during the era of remote work and freelance era, is that you should write down what exactly you should have done during the day for you to consider it being a successful day.

Sometimes it can be something like finish a project presentation, while at other times, it can be to cross out 5 to-dos from the to-do list.

Once again, in the era of remote work, we have long forgotten what it means to start and finish work at certain times. We constantly work, sometimes even during the weekends, because that is what the environment around us makes us do.

So what does that actually mean for us? That we don’t get enough rest and instead we constantly feel guilty for not working and not finishing that long bothering us problems that we have been having. That is why either determine the time or the activity that you consider satisfactory to end the day.

Klim Y