Be Happy Right now

Dec 29 2020

<p>Be Happy Right now</p>

Have you asked yourself when are you the happiest?

We are all happy when we are with our loved once. We are all happy when we are surrounded by love and friendship. We are the happiest when we are constantly supported and encouraged. We are all happy when we have a financial pillow to fall on just in case.

What all of this have in common? All of these things have human interaction in common, even the financial part.


Humans are entirely social beings that are wired for daily social interactions. Those interactions can be bad or good. Usually, the emotions and atmosphere of the interaction can be adjusted, but more often than not, we are forced into uncomfortable situations.

So what about the things that I listened above? Love, happiness, stillness and support. They are the things that our brain analyses and looks for those traits with each and every interaction. If it doesn’t find them, it signals you to have another social interaction instead until you find those traits.

This means that it doesn’t matter what you do or who you speak to, our brain and body have an ultimate goal that they are constantly trying to achieve.

Other goals that we have

Let’s take money as an example. The main reason we are earning money, subconsciously, is that we are trying to promote ourselves as a mating partner and make sure that we can be with someone who we want and would be happy with.

The main reason we wear nice clothes and dress up is also because we would like to be more sought after so that our brain can choose who we are happiest with easier.

Why all of us are trying our hardest to be better than others? To look better in potential partners eyes.

What our body and brain are trying to achieve is to get you happy. It can try multiple things, and lately, the biggest thing that all of us have been perusing is money.

It can look like money can give us everything—happiness, love and friendship. But after a while, our brain will realise it is not what it was looking for. Then it will try to make you work harder, earn more money. The cycle will keep on going until you burn out.

There is an easy way to stop that vicious cycle. Start being happy right now.


Most of the time, we are already happy but due to us chasing the next beautiful thing that was at first out of reach, is what causes us to constantly be in the same level of being miserable.

That research is contradicting my points and also contradict Easterlin Paradox.

.   Increases in household income were associated with improved life evaluations and more positive feelings.

    GDP per capita was less related to respondents’ feelings of personal well-being than rising personal income.

    Increased wealth was primarily linked to improvements in well-being if people were able to purchase more material things, such as a television and access to the Internet, in addition to being more optimistic and satisfied with their finances.

While that can potentially be the case, Easterlin Paradox has been observed by all of us in our lives, and that seems to me to be the better proof for its existence.

Every time we get an upgrade in our income, we raise the bar of what the base level happiness is and refuse to live with anything below that. It is considered wasteful and not really interesting.

Also, in reality, money can begive you short term happiness while in the long run, they can play little to no effect on whatever you are feeling well or not.

Either way, my biggest recommendation is to try taking a step back and analyse whenever you have happiness already. If you can spend more time with what or who makes you happy. Money doesn’t always help you with that. Maybe you should start prioritising your current self vs your future self.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y