Betting on the future

Mar 8 2021

<p>Betting on the future</p>

I have been slowly working with progress towards a better and brighter future. The future where I would be certain of things that are to come. This future is happening faster than I expected because time flies by too fast.

All the things that I have been slowly progressing with and trying to get the best results off are slowly getting the better of me, either not letting me focus on other things or not giving any results to speak of.

That is why I have chosen to start something new, something else.

In the time that I have been diligently working with my habits on something and building up a steady base, I have saved a considerable amount of money. Together with the financial market’s growth, it has increased even more.

This is exactly what I need right now to start something bigger and better that can actually work and earn me money and not only take time and effort endlessly.


I have at least 3-4 ideas that I will be trying to implement, and they all require some help from the side.

Let’s see which one will grow and which ones won’t, but even if I fail miserably, I understand that it doesn’t matter what so ever.

Being afraid of failure is stupid and especially when you have money that you have been saving up exactly for that reason.

Failing is good. Not doing anything is the biggest mistake that you can make.

By trying something, you gain valuable experience, the experience that you wouldn’t be able to get it any other way. Experience not only can help you succeed, but it is also the ultimate thing to help you reach higher heights.

You might not realise, but everything in life is dependent on what you do and how you do it. Try things, experiment, and in the end, you will get to the point where anything that life throws at you, you would be able to do and battle.


The main reason why I was passively progressing towards the future was that I didn’t really have a real motivation to do things the right way. I have chosen to be busy instead of being productive.

That has been the ultimate reason I have gotten myself into this constant progress loop, but no results to speak off.

Also, I have been living rather happily on the income which I had. Now that I have proper motivation and want to progress, going forward is the only thing that matters.

That is why some of the things would have to be dropped, and changed and new things will have to be picked up new.

Klim Y