Happy birthday Klim

Feb 6 2021

<p>Happy birthday Klim</p>

Hey, today is the 6th of February! Awesome!

I tend to either ignore my own birthday or fixate on it, and it changes every 2 to 3 years.

Today I am actually turning 23, a relatively young age compared to most of those I spend time around. Usually, when people find out my age, they tend to behave very differently around me compared to before, but I don’t blame them, my age shows my inexperience and that I have a lot to learn!

Birthday is something that doesn’t really mean much in reality, but over the years it has been one of the things that have been treated as the main celebration of the person. What do I mean by that?

Birthdays and birthday celebrations take the person and make them the most important thing that day. That means everyone is treating them in the best possible way(at least good friend do. If yours don’t maybe look around for other friends).

That feeling is extremely special to us because our body is programmed to take respect as one of the main indicators of success. We also live in a world where nothing really matters and people are savage towards each other. But they behave very differently when it comes to birthdays.

Time to do self-reflection and evaluation

I know that people say that self-reflection is awful and that it always does more bad than good.

There is no arguing that it can be bad, but every year I have the sessions where I look at everything I have done in a year and compare it to my North Star, the ultimate goal and who I want to be in 10 years.

If what I have been doing through that year really aligns with those 3 things, then I am doing the right thing, and it is only a matter of time until I achieve it.

But if it doesn’t align or I see something that takes too much time and doesn’t give anything in return, I try to eliminate it completely.

The year was not that easy as you could probably guess, Covid and all the other things that came with it really did take a toll on all of us, especially mentally. But also, that allowed me to 180 my career and what I want to do, and now I am a completely different person compared to what I wanted to be one year ago.

Of course, the only thing that didn’t happen thanks to me, focusing on the career and new habits is a social improvement. Didn’t get any more acquaintances or friends and mostly haven’t interacted with humans for the whole year except my team and my family.

I am still relatively happy to keep going this way, but I only hoped that maybe it could change while I was 22.

Overall that year of my life gets a good rating of 5 out of 10 from me, not a bad year because the life changes, but nothing completely imaginable for me. That score will be evaluated later with some data science approaches, so stay tuned!

Klim Y