Blogging as a Ritual

Oct 13 2020

<p>Blogging as a Ritual</p>

Blogging as a Ritual

I have been writing a post about Social Media Marketing in general I think for around 1 month now. I have gotten the idea after browsing myself what is trending right now on reddit in the marketing world.

I wanted to know has anything changed?

Marketing Course

I have been going through a super expensive course I have bought for myself and my marketing director back at [elyts], but I can’t say that I have been diligent enough with it.

Yes for 3-4 weeks I was sticking to it.

But after lessons, each 3 hours, 3 times a week with homeworks on top of the day job and side projects and sports, I kinda gave up.

I might be just too soft to stop but I felt like I got burned out.

At that time is exactly when I started working on my side projects such as this.

It is not really that I needed a marketing course, it is more that I wanted to understand and structure what I knew already.

The most amazing thing is that I really liked the course, and the information was really helpful. But after understanding, that the amount of work that is needed to implement the ideas I was generating while going through the live course was really too much for me or my team.

I mean the tasks from March are still not fully implemented, how can I introduce 3 times a week at least 10 new tasks.

Lazy is not sexy for Managers

Lately I am not sure what it is but I have been doing things more with let go attitude.

As a person in management position I have had an honour of working with professionals in my team that I drafted. I believe them and I know that they can do an amazing job, better than I could do by myself.

That is exactly why I have been letting go and just drafting up what to do.

I have limited the meetings to minimum and have made sure that work is being done through automation and task managements systems.

What I have not took into account is that my team needs to be managed and wants to have the meetings.

That was kinda an eye opener.

I wanted to give them the space they didn’t want or need.

They liked the way it was before.

Trial and error in everything

I think that the biggest lesson I get out of this is that.

Listen to everyone’s opinion, do what YOU think is the best, monitor the feedback.

After that you either admit your fault and keep going or just keep going.

It is impossible to know answers, but in order to succeed you need to understand the philosophy of trial and error.

Not sure if I will manage to finish my blog post

As I have said the blog post has been a b*tch.

I have been putting it off for such a long time.

It is damn long it is still unedited and it needs more examples and illustrations.

As well as the video it seems.

All in all what I need to focus on is exactly that blog post. But really, I don’t want to.

I would rather write this more discussion messages where I can really share what I am feeling and just share what is on my mind.

Kinda like a diary.

All in all. I will finish it. Don’t worry.

I need it for SEO. 🌝

Thanks for reading

Klim Y