Brain that controls you

Feb 7 2021

<p>Brain that controls you</p>

Yesterday I clearly discovered that it doesn’t matter how much self-control I think I have as when it comes to urges that my brain simply finds too alluring I cannot resist them. Some of the things are taboo, such as illegal things and I control my brain and my body the most ruthless way possible when it comes to that. Still, when it comes to simple things that don’t seem to be too dangerous such as food or some fun activities, my brain doesn’t seem to understand that it is forbidden.


I think that we all have been there, you see a cake and after dieting for the past 2 months and no matter what you have been saying to yourself, after 15 minutes you find yourself finish by yourself the whole cake. How did that happen?

Let’s make something clear, I have been fat, but I have lost a lot of weight over time, but even to this day, sometimes I find myself behaving like this.

Food is an integral part of human life as our main source of nutrients and energy is food, it would only be natural that we are obsessed with it.

But even though I mostly able to control my brain, sometimes I lose the full control and eat things that I actually only regret and not even enjoy, yesterday the same happened when my friends for some reason fancied a KFC and I myself who spent 2 days of complete fasting for some stupid reason decided instead of waiting in the car, to join them.

Why? I have no idea, I was not drunk not was I under any substances, but I remember driving there and thinking that I will stay in the car and the next image is me eating the last chicken wing out of the bucket.

Fun activities

I think that maybe a better name for it would be procrastination.

You find yourself staring at the screen, and there is this huge project that you have to start. You know that it will take at least 2-3 hours even to come close to finishing. The project is not something that interests you and you have already been postponing it for ages.

Right at that moment, we are the most susceptible to the thing that is called procrastination. We have something that is required but not alluring, so we try to postpone it to make our lives easier.

It used to make sense back in primordial ages, but right now, it only makes our lives worse. At that moment, TikTok and Instagram look a lot better than the word document you have to write.

Usually, even though you know you need to do the project, you choose to procrastinate, and this is not really you making this decision, it is your brain.

It is quite insane how our brain controls us, and we are basically having little to no control over it.

I have recently discovered this large of the effect that it has and I hope to explore this in more detail to hopefully learn to control it better in the future.

Klim Y