Chance is just a number

Dec 7 2020

<p>Chance is just a number</p>

How you see the world

As we all know, humans, we tend to look at things in black and white.

Doing this is good; doing that is bad.

This is hard; this is easy.

While in reality, everything is more of rainbow colour. There are many different points of view, and there are just as many opinions.

The thing that is hard for one person can be extremely easy for someone else.

Everything is relative and so generalising can be a big mistake in any field.

Luck times Number of tries = chance

What is the chance of success?

9 out of 10 business close in the first 3 years of operation.

There is a 90% chance of failure when creating a business, that means that there is a 10% chance of success.

If you have failed with one of your business and got unlucky with 90% chance, well then the next time you create a business you are much more likely to succeed.

Let’s do maths:

9/10 * 9/10 = 81/100 is your chance of failure the second time around. That means that you doubled your success rate! Isn’t that incredible?

What is better is that after some number of the failed business, you are guaranteed to have a successful venture!

This is not just an empty word. 2nd-time businessman are more likely to succeed in the business after failing. This research has a lot of data to back it up.

Past success of others

How do people succeed? Because they tried. That is the obvious answer. But why then, most people shy away from trying to succeed?

There are many businessmen and businesswomen that put out their biographies and journeys from bottom to the top. If you know how that person succeeded, shouldn’t be very easy to replicate that? In most cases, it is impossible to do.


Because successful people don’t include in their success stories what they did before starting. They had a life that no-one would be able to replicate. They had experiences that only they have experienced on the whole planet. They became who they are because of their past.

Every single person is different, and getting somewhere is a long process of staying true to yourself and doing things in the routine.

We have a custom set of problems and ideas that we can realise. No-one else has the same mix. If you are afraid of being replicated, then don’t be. No-one is the same as you. Only you can make your idea come true in the correct way. The copy cats are just extra exposure.

Doing more guarantees success

Don’t we all love when we know that as long as we keep on doing something, we will reach the top? Well, guess what, in everything in life there is a grantee of success. It could potentially take a long time if you don’t improve, but you are most definitely will succeed.

If you create an app and fail with it miserably, you have increased your chances of success the next time. This time you will be much more likely to succeed. Plus on top of that, you have learned a lot in the process, that improved your chances even more.

So instead of thinking of failure and how it is wasted time, think of every opportunity as stacking up your luck chances and getting experience. If you keep on failing, you will eventually succeed!

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y