Choosing a Relationship

Apr 30 2021

<p>Choosing a Relationship</p>

I think that a lot of my articles that I have been writing lately have been at the boundary of being for self-help and boundary help just because of the nature of things that I am interested in and the nature of what I spend the most amount of time pondering about and thinking about.

One thing that I have been really challenging is whenever having a relationship is productive for a career or destructive.

To tell you the truth, the answer here can not be one and the same for everyone. There is no way to aggregate the relationships just because they can be so different for everyone that some relationship only boost your productivity. In contrast, the others decrease it nearly to 0.

I have really been fortunate that I have experienced both of the extremes and can tell you that, as a matter of fact, relationships are needed in life, but choosing the right one is exactly what either lets you grow or slow down and waste your potential.

Choosing the right partner

I know that in life, it is not always possible to choose who you love and who you have feelings for. For me, I have always been thorough with my feelings and relationships and have always tried beforehand, weighing all of the options and all of the positives and negatives.

That I feel is the best way to go about choosing who you date, but if that is not possible and you have passionately fallen in love, understand that identifying problems and potentially letdowns in the first step to trying to tackle them in the future.

What matters right now is not what you do and but how you do it and whenever you are ready for what to come.

But if you have any possibility of not going at the first available option, but instead can look around and check for yourself different people, make sure that you find someone who reinforces you and makes you stronger, instead of actually slowing you down and worsening you.

I know that it can be hard to understand and define, but just think of the many different things that you have done in life, understand that if you have had this person in your life back then, would it improve the situation or worsen it even more. That is a very important question, and answering it is what allows you either to propel yourself or to make things instead much worse.