Constant Time

Apr 3 2021

<p>Constant Time</p>

I have never ever felt the same about life as I do right now.

Somehow my whole perspective on life, happiness, goals and people that surround me has changed in the past year so much that I would call myself a different person compared to even a single year before.

Through learning, reading, self-evaluation, and studying, I realised things that before were closed behind a shut door for me.

Gurus of the world that speak about all those things also explain and talk about the same transformative process that constantly happens through the lifetime if one is ready and puts the time and effort into learning about them.

There are many things that have changed the way I think about them. Goals and habits and the way they are linked were one of them.

Discovering goals as the ultimate driver of deterministic success is another.

And the most important 2 are the ones linked with time.


I finally understood that time is not as much as a burden that all of us have. It is not a timer that keeps on ticking down and signals death in the future, no.

Time doesn’t care whenever you have money, nor whenever you are happy, it is constantly there and always is working at its powers.

Time is what moves everything around us. Without time, nothing would work, and everything would stop.

In every formula in physics, chemistry and any other science, the most basic thing that is assumed to be constant is time. Why? Because it is everything reaching, and it is all-controlling.

So for me, the difficulty of understanding that instead of being worried about the passing time, the whole idea of using time for the better of our lives has been a great breakthrough.

What we can do with time

First of all, we have a limited amount of time, and we can’t do anything about it. We have a set number of hours in a day, a set days in a week and a set number of weeks in a year.

Yes, we are stuck in the constraint, but not only you are stuck. Everyone around you is playing by the same rules. Rules that are unbreakable and have to be followed.

If you know that you have a set number of hours in a year, why use the system that the people of the earth have developed thousands upon thousands of years ago? Why follow the Monday-Sunday approach? There isn’t a single rule in nature that tells us that it is the way it should be.

If you have a limited number of hours in a year, even if it is a Sunday, why does it matter? If it is a Wednesday, in front of time, is there a single difference? No. The answer is no.

So, first of all, you have to sit down with a pen and paper or an electronic document and write down what you want to do in the year.

Write everything you can think of, from work-related things to the things that make you excited and happy.

Now, after you have at least 20 things, rank them by importance for you.

After you have done that, start with number 1 and go down the list while putting the % of the time that you would like to give that task within the year.

If you are putting a 1%, maybe think harder of the things that you really want to do.

Let your imagination go wild here, because people achieve things in a year that others don’t achieve in their lifetime.

Okay, so now you have a list of things that you need to complete in the year.

Now calculate how many hours are left in the year, 365-current day.

Calculate the amount of waking hours that you have left. Days left * 0.67.

That is the amount of time left. Now calculate how many hours you have for each activity.

That is it. As easy as that, you have sorted the time that you have in a year to the activities that you need to complete. It might seem very hard or even impossible to do something productive during the weekend, but who said that one is required to have a carefree, relaxing day on the weekend? If you didn’t plan for relaxation, you need to rethink whenever you are thinking about your life correctly.

Klim Y