Let life take you on adventures

Jan 25 2021

<p>Let life take you on adventures</p>

Most of the humans can be separated into many personalities and types of behaviours. One of the most evident would be excessive control and relaxed people.

They can be easily differentiated by looking at the way the person behaves. If he seems to have 10 variables on his mind which all can go wrong or right at any point and his next decision is dependent on the outcomes, most likely that person is a controlling type.

On the other hand, there are those people who are much more relaxed. They know that some things are out of their control, and things tend to happen, but they accept that and will react when the time to react comes. Those people usually live life outside the work with many interesting hobbies and adventures. Those are also the same type of people that say to the controlling type “Relax, let’s wait until we are there to deal with it.”

I myself used to be the first type of person. I would even expand it and would call myself a control freak. The person who had to have everything go the way that I wanted and have everything under the control veil. As soon as anything would deviate from the plan or even go remotely out of the course of action, I would try to fix it as soon as possible, and if I couldn’t, I would get extremely angry.

Before I used to think that this controlling personality was required to be a manager and a CEO of a big company, but after doing a lot of self-reflection and studying of the materials that I found on the topic, being relaxed in most cases leads to better results.

This has been counter-intuitive for me, but when you are relaxed and not worried about every little detail going wrong, you somehow make better decisions that benefit you and the company a lot more. Plus, there have been multiple studies on top of everything showing that control is necessary, but overall lowers the productivity and output both of the worker and the person who is doing the control.

Either way, it seems that being in control is a good thing, but having extensive control is destructive and can lead to many internal and external problems.

That is why I have chosen to have more of a relaxed mindset while doing some small controlling acts from time to time. This frees up my mind and thoughts to do creative thinking while still understanding what is happening and where we are going.

Overall I think it is vital to do self-reflection and self-evaluation from time to time. Understanding who you are is the first step to becoming the perfect self.

Klim Y