Cutting Busy-Work with Alex

Oct 22 2020

<p>Cutting Busy-Work with Alex</p>

Cutting Busy-Work with Alex

I have stumbled upon a really interesting person today and basically have read his blog posts for half a day in between meetings and work.

His name is Alex West and he is brilliant.

First he is relatively young.

Second he is relatively new to the whole industry.

Third he is not shy about things.

Forth he shares his journey. And in fact daily like myself.

Fifth he is humble.

If I haven’t sold you Alex West just yet then you are not going to be interested in reading more.

I read A LOT online. It is basically what my strategy is right now. I am in the phase where I am at the beginning of something new and I need to gather information.

I have to go through so much junk each day. You don’t even want to know.

Most of it is just plain SEO texts that I don’t even know who would read.

Some of it is just people not bothering to edit their final drafts and posting as soon as they finished writing the first draft. I can’t really blame them, I do it all the time.

But how are they ranking number 1 in SEO is just blowing me away.

So, I read this quote today

Alex does a recap of his journey for each year. They are brilliant.

My favourite one is actually the 2019 recap and the 2020 plan.

They both have so much fun and straight to the heart points, I was amazed.

So in one of the posts he says this:

Not all markets are as lucrative. It's better to be the least successful shipowner that the most successful shoe mender, as far as money goes.

I am not sure how much I can agree on this exact wording(think boat with holes that can’t swim), but I love the thought provokes and the sheer volume of energy this quote has.

Don’t think small! What are you doing? THINK BIG! DREAM BIG! YOU GOT IT!

And I think that puts a smile on my face.

The blog

I think that his blog is really amazing. Full of inspiration and insights. If you are an #indiehacker or just need some motivation, you going to love his idea to $2k MMR story.

Or as he sometimes puts it - 2 years and 20 products to $2k MMR story.

To leave for today's check-in I want to give you another quote by @alexwestco

Before getting a successful product, you have to be an artist. Be creative. Think out of the box. Do different shit every day. Try to crack this puzzle. But from here on, you have to become an athlete. Be disciplined. Focused. Do the same shit every day.

As always have the best day ever. Wake up tomorrow and have a better one.

Klim Y 🖖