Don’t bend to fit in

Nov 3 2020

<p>Don’t bend to fit in</p>

Don’t bend to fit in

If you choose to do something because you want to fit in, that is a very bad outlook on life.

What you don’t see yet, is that what makes you different is also what makes you special.

Every single person online can see an average Joey, but not everyone can see a person who doesn’t drink, doesn’t party and have written 5 books by the age of 25 who has also traveled half of the world already.

No-one wants to read about your adventures next to the water cooler(or if you write about it, maybe someone actually will!). But how you went to spend 4 weeks living in a new country from your original culture perspective. That would be interesting.

Don’t try to undermine your point of view. Something that you find boring and just every day process can be a game changer to thousands online.

You only need 10 huge fans to make your time online worth it. You can find them easily.

Start now. Get perfect later

Klim Y