Why earning money is important

Apr 10 2021

<p>Why earning money is important</p>

I feel that for 99% of us, the number one thing that we are pursuing is making sure that we earn enough money to not ever feel in need, no matter the situation.

I am not saying that money is the only thing that we are trying to achieve, but no matter how you look in life, things get much easier as long as you have a stable and sure income that can lead you to success.

Being able to do whatever you want freely and whenever you want is something that really improves and evaluates one's creativity to a completely different level. The level that is very hard to achieve otherwise.

Think of the amount of time you have chosen to stay at work behind because you had to finish a report, or you were forced to work with a client that was being rude to you. Why were you forced to do that? Most likely because your income depended on it. But what if you had all your income problems sorted out already and the only thing that you had to worry about was about being happy?

Money is not everything

If I am talking about money, I feel that I have to put multiple disclaimers talking about money as not the sole thing that I am thinking as the end goal. It is not. But the path to happiness and comfortable life is much easier achievable through the monetary side than through the mental side.

Also, having money doesn’t guarantee you happiness, and most of the time, instead of giving you happiness, it gives you anxieties and problems that otherwise wouldn’t be present. Also, the experience of getting to the amount of money that you consider enough is a process of its own that can forever give you problems that forever would stay with you.

Instead of thinking of money as the magic bullet to solve all of your problems instead, you should think of it as one of the parts that matter and that you can use to get to your end goal - happiness.

Think of the way you achieve your money right now. How can you boost it while still being happy? Giving up something for money is not the best, but what most of us most of the time do, so thinking of the ways to get the benefits without any drawbacks is one of the best ways to achieve success.


One more thing that one has to understand is that earning income can be done in multiple ways, and there isn’t a single way for anyone. You can achieve financial success by painting houses or by programming an app. What matters is not what you do but what you feel whilst doing it.

Being miserable and hating every second of it, or being energetic and being happy about your life. Try being happy straight away even if you haven’t achieved your goals yet, because otherwise, life is too short to feel miserable.

Please think of the different types of people that exist and what types of different jobs they do. Somehow all of them found something that satisfies them and still earns good money. So that is why really critically think of your job and source of income. Maybe there could be made adjustments to improve your well being in one way or another significantly.

Klim Y