Eating correctly makes you a monster

Nov 8 2020

<p>Eating correctly makes you a monster</p>

I am really certain that there is some trick to it. As if when we eat something, our body feels and behaves differently. It as if our body gets the energy and the nutrients from the food we eat! Maybe it is not all about the taste and instant gratification of sugars that is the best for us.

Spoiler alert. It is exactly like that. Your body feels what you eat, it decomposes it, and it will feel the way the food is.

If the food is chips and sweets or in other words, complete junk, our body will also feel like a junkyard.

If it is fresh, wild and clean fish with high fibre vegetables, your body will feel like an ocean, clean and boundless. Or it will fill like a farm full of colour, light and energy from the sun.

If you ate a tub of ice cream, why do you wonder why you can’t move your body the nest day properly?

If you have stuffed into a Mini-cooper a cow steak as well as a wagon of pasta, it won’t drive, the car will explode. Don’t do that to your body. It doesn’t deserve it.

mini cooper cat

Eating properly

Try eating correctly for a day. Just eat normally, stop your urges and bad habits. Go to bed at 19:00 if you have to stop overeating.

Okay, one day is finished, how are you feeling? I bet insanely better already. Let’s keep going.

Let’s try 2 days now. Just eat properly. Give yourself some space from others; only look at your plate and your mouth.

Okay, how did it feel? Insanely good?

Now a week is a next milestone…

And so on, until you have been eating healthy, feeling amazing and probably got ripped as a result already. As simple as well.

What is most important is just listening to your body.

If your body is requiring water, don’t try to give it Coca Cola instead. It is not what it is asking for.

If your body needs some nutrient food, don’t give it a sugary cake, give it some god damn eggs with bacon or butter.

Stop before you put anything in your mouth and ask yourself, will I see a net positive or net negative effect on my life by eating this? Do this every time. Your life will change.

The most important thing with food is don’t postpone.

Start now. Get perfect Later.

Klim Y