Eating healthy and keto

Feb 24 2021

<p>Eating healthy and keto</p>

I feel that in a world that is full of fear and full of situations where you feel sad and not in control, developing an eating disorder is very easy.

At least 1 in 3 in the USA has an eating disorder in the current world, in one way or another. That shows that it is not a rare occurrence.

The main reason why it happens is that everything is measured in some type of units in the world that we live in, and usually, it is money. If money can buy everything and you are unhappy, for some people, the easiest way to get affordable happiness is to buy cheap, sweet, fatty foods that give you instant gratification and fill you with dopamine.

The main problem comes straight after you have gotten your dopamine hit and your body is recovering. I have never really felt and thought about what happens inside if our body after we eat food, but after experiencing how our body feels after being on Keto for a couple of months and switching back to normal, carbohydrates high diet, I now understand.

Our body cries and tries to make us stop consuming the carbohydrates every time. Your body feels heavy. Everything is harder to do. There is a huge insulin spike that causes you to become lazy and, even worse, causes you to want to sleep and make you feel like a slug.

All of these are the effects of consuming any type of carbohydrates heavy food that in reality, is not even supposed to be consumed.


I have always known that Keto is something that can completely change the way we live and the way we all consume food.

Right now, after being on Keto for months and after being forced to switch back to a normal diet, I already know that there is no way that I ever go back to consuming carbohydrates and starch in my diet. The way I feel before and after the food intake is completely different depending on what I eat. If I ever want to sleep straight after I eat in the middle of the day, maybe carbohydrates are a good idea, but for now, until I am 80 years old, I don’t see a point.

If you still haven’t tried Keto or you are sceptical, most likely it is because of the lack of research that you have done. Try googling or watching YouTube videos explaining what it is and how to do it. It can seem overwhelming at first, but as long as you get the grasp on the way the basics work and you even dare to try it, your life can change completely.

The benefits are huge, from better brain performance to fat loss, but most importantly, it is the way you feel that will improve drastically. I combine it together with both intermitted fasting and normal fasting, making me a completely different person.

A good idea would be to consult your doctor before trying it because all of us have special circumstances we can't ignore.

Klim Y