Enjoy the moment

Apr 18 2021

<p>Enjoy the moment</p>

Good morning and good evening. What are you doing right? Are you reading this whilst doing something else? Well, that seems to be a bit worrying.

Why are you multitasking?

Well, I can tell you straight away that it doesn’t strictly matter what and where you do, but multitasking in any position is one of the worst, unproductive things you can do.

Not only are you not doing the main task to even the 50% of your potential, but you are also not doing the second task to even 15%.

Think of how many time you have been in the movie on a date, and you barely remember what the movie was about? Well, because the date was the main task, that is where your mind goes and thinks about, not about the movie itself.

What about when you try to talk on the phone and drive? Have you ever considered why it is banned and is a legal offence in most of the countries? It is because the whole multitasking thing is a big fat lie that has been told to us in the 2000s and is nothing more than our brain wanting to achieve more. In reality, as multiple studies show, it does more harm than good.

How to stay productive?

Try to capture and savour every moment, even if it is related to your daily work.

If you find yourself trying to complete 3 tasks simultaneously while answering emails and messages, you will, in reality, get nothing done. It can seem like something that you should be doing in order to stay productive, but you shouldn’t.

Instead, you should choose a single task, no matter how small it is and try to only focus on it without anything else distracting you what so ever. Even if the task will only require you a 5-minute time block, put it into your time schedule and only do that task for the 5 minutes.

But that is not only relevant to work. It is also incredibly important to the rest and holidays that people tend to really under think. You gotta also focus on the moment no matter where you are.

If you are travelling the world and right now on an excursion, there is no reason for you to answer messages from your work. You won’t get any information from the excursion and will most likely feel tired while also solving the work problem only half well.

Why that matters? Because in the world doing only something half bad is not good enough. But focusing on the task and exceeding the expectations is what will let you move forward.

Klim Y