How does the environment affect your well-being?

Nov 10 2020

<p>How does the environment affect your well-being?</p>

You might have wondered why can’t you power through the problem of procrastinating or sleeping late or not being able to focus on studying. That is exactly why I want to tell you that sometimes, you can make the most considerable change as easily as possible, by just changing your attitude and environment.

There is a huge belief in habit formation discipline that you need to make the good habits as easy as possible for you to start and do, and the bad habits as hard as possible to start and do.

For example, if we are talking about eating healthy, don’t buy chips and sweets for yourself. Even if you promised yourself, you wouldn’t be eating those you are better off gifting them to someone else.

If we are talking about doing exercises, just put your sports clothes on the chair that you see first thing in the morning or that you walk by every day. If you want to take it further, before going to sleep, block the door with that chair with clothes. That will force you to do the physical act of moving the chair, and your brain will think that you might as well put them on which will lead to you actually doing the exercise.

And lastly, if we are talking about learning how to draw, buy yourself the best stationery that you want, the best paper. Make yourself feel good that what you are using is perfect quality, and you will want to come back to keep on improving and learning.

Also, if we look at bad habits, don’t have your console plugged in and ready to play if you have important things and habits that you want to do. Don’t just leave your TV on the channels that just eat up your time. Don’t have social networks in an easy and convenient place for you to access.

Environment of people

One of the worst things you can do is to degrade together with someone else.

Humans have been animals of society. If you look at everyone around you and they are unhealthy, unhappy and lazy, that means that if you keep on being next to them, you will degrade as well. You have 2 choices. Either change them or change your environment away from them.

You have no idea how easy it is to do good things when you are surrounded by everyone doing them.

It is effortless to wake up at 6:00 when everyone in your house wakes up at 5:00. You actually feel like a sloth due to this.

Even if you know what you need to do and for some reason procrastinating, you will see someone else doing their work and will have an impulse to do the same.

Don’t assume that everyone is bad and unproductive; we can always learn something from others, so be open to new things.

Either way as always:

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y