I like expressing my feelings, I will keep on doing it

Dec 3 2020

<p>I like expressing my feelings, I will keep on doing it</p>

Is it everyone or just me?

It has been brought to my attention that one of the bloggers that I liked reading just spouts the first thing that comes to his head. It has also been pointed out that it is not some of the people like and want to read. What is even crazier is that I really enjoyed that writing that was called “a constant stream of babbling”.

That is a very dangerous discovery; it means that I am potentially unable to differentiate the good from the great. Plus I think that my style of writing is also of the same kind. I choose a topic, and then I start writing straight away.

Of course, I do editing, and if I need to understand the topic better, I will go away from the text document and do research.

Difference of opinion

After giving everything a more careful thought, I concluded that it is not simply just me being unable to differentiate good from the bad. It is more about personal preference.

I don’t particularly appreciate it when people are way too technical and analytical. I love it when the writing is more fun, and there are a bunch of jokes in the text. I mean reading and getting insights as well as being entertained is a great thing, no?

To be completely honest, a person that wrote that also writes, but I could never really read his writing till the end, it always got boring for me.

Maybe it is not me. Maybe it is every single human being in the world that has a different opinion.

If that is the case, then hooray! I just need to find a band of brothers that think alike and also want to experience some writing that is not in the documentation style.

Technical writing

The main reason that I have been putting off writing the pieces that had to be researched, is because it requires me to be semi-limited in what I want and in the way that I want to write. It also puts me into a cage as to what format to stick to.

I'm not too fond of that. I just want to write the way that I want with the style and structure that I want.

I have really loved the feeling of not being told of what to do and what to write. I hope that everyone else experiences something similar when they write. I understand that having structure and the outline for the writing has a huge benefit, but I don’t want to admit that just yet. I want to write just a little bit more the way I want, no limits, just words.

Hey, I have been writing for nearly 2 months now, so I think that it is working? Every day that I write is a day that I don’t have to feel bad for not doing anything with myself! Every day that I write is one more possibility to share my personal thoughts and ideas with the world.

As long as I keep writing, the actual benefit will be a lot bigger in my opinion, instead of writing weekly and SEO optimising it.

Goals matter

Sometimes your article and blog need to express your inner feelings. Sometimes, the article needs to explain how to reach a certain outcome.

If you wrote both of the articles the same way, that just means that you are a bad writer. Every single piece of content must have its own soul and must be different from one another. Imagine a reader sitting behind their PC or phone and reading your article.

If you are talking about how to climb mountain Everest you can be really methodical. But if you are showing pictures and telling the world how you climbed mountain Everest that is a completely different way of writing that you have to use. That is a freaking great achievement, don’t try explaining how to walk properly in the snow at that altitudes. Tell everyone who amazing you felt at the top and how many times you considered turning back!

Don't let your dreams be dreams

I think that there are too many opinionated people in this world. If you don’t like something, why talk about it and spoil other opinions of you? I would much rather not get an answer, then get an answer that just says something that totally is opinionated.

There are too many haters, so if you would like to do something, don’t look at the feedback and take it personally. The haters will always be more vocal.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y