Intermitting Fasting and Fasting 101

Nov 23 2020

<p>Intermitting Fasting and Fasting 101</p>

When you had enough

I usually do a fast every single week on Monday.

It is the most suitable day for me. The workload is crazy, and there is always something to do and to busy yourself.

Most of the time on Tuesday, I forget that I fasted the day before.

What is even more amazing is that it has gone into a habit these days. I don’t actively think and prepare for it. I do it and feel good in the process.

Sometimes, like this week, I had many guests coming and big dinners every other day. I felt bloated and not that great to be completely honest. That is why I decided to head start my fasting. This week I am doing 2 days.

It is not as if this is my first time doing 2 days, but usually, it is much harder to do than the 24 hour fast. It causes you to behave and feel different on the second day.

What is fasting, and why you should do it?

Fasting is the most natural process for our body. It has been happening for humans ever since we went through an evolution. It is what our body does when we are in the process of collecting food and working hard at tasks of survival.

The main benefit is the kickstart of Autophagy. One of the most brilliant minds of our age Yoshinori Ohsumi has proven the existence of autophagy and has gone the Nobel Prize in 2016.

The whole process starts when you stop supplying resources(food) from the outside.

The body has to keep on working, and it needs energy for that. Instead of just dying, your body starts repairing itself and killing the old and inefficient cells. In the end, the dead cells get consumed together with the best source of energy that you have stored in your body—the fat.

The process of fasting has also been proven to stimulate stem cells regeneration which is the most important type of cells in our body. It is the one responsible for regeneration and longevity.

How to do fasting

If you would like to try it out, you should. Please don’t wait for anything else in life to prove that it is worth it. It is not that hard.

As an example, look at your calendar. Check when are you the busiest during the week. When are you able to NOT do exercises(extra calorie burn can force your brain to crave some of the foods). When can you be irritated and still survive the day?

Check, where you will be that day? Will there be many temptations? You need to regulate your environment for that day.

I want to tell you straight away that you might not feel perfect in every aspect DURING the fast. But as soon as it finishes and you wake up in the morning you would not believe it. You would feel like a superhero.

The most obvious changes would be:

  • Your body took care of all of the inflammation; you will feel lighter and in shape.
  • You would have burnt some of the fat that was slowing you down and was getting closer to the internal organs, making your body listen to you more.
  • Before you eat that day, your body will be working like a Swiss watch. You will not have any distractions, and you would feel as if you had become 10 times smarter.
  • Most of the allergies go away for that day as your body has been cleaning it from any waste.
  • You started using ketones for your energy source which will cause you to need less sleep and fewer calories in general(before you eat carbohydrates again)

Fasting is a lifeline for me. It has been helping get to the bottom of problems and in general, improve my life.

If you are still not convinced, you should go to the reddit of fasting and see the testimonials and guides yourself.

It is real, and hundreds of thousands people are doing it every day.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y