What are you scared of?

Mar 28 2021

<p>What are you scared of?</p>

How often do you ask yourself this question, and how often do you actually answer it?

For me, this question has been the scariest thing itself.

We all have things that we don’t want to think about or remind ourselves of.

We watch YouTube videos, we play games, or we drink so that we can numb our brain and our thoughts from the pains of actually thinking about the painful moments themselves.

There is a lot at stake when it comes to our personal well being and inner feeling. If you don’t feel well and experience pain yourself, it is very hard to keep your life flow in motion.

If you keep on suppressing your feelings and instead of working on them, you try to hide or run from them, then you will experience a world of trouble.

No matter what you try, if you don’t face your fears and what bothers you, all of your areas of life would be affected.

Your temper would change, your expression of yourself would change, and everything you do would be influenced into a worse state.

No-one likes being around people who have so many problems that they make everyone else have problems.


I myself have been struggling with this part.

I have things that I am scared of, and every time I am not doing something, I feel as if there is an abyss that is going so deep down that it is impossible to see the bottom.

I know for a fact that my problems that I fear so much are only minuscule things in the grand scheme, and overall in my life, I am not certain I would even remember them, but at the moment of time, they feel so big that it is impossible to do anything about them.

Even though I have confidence, I still waver whenever I am around people that have the same or higher status and monetary success.

And when we feel challenged and feel one of the fears being opened up, we can feel immense stress that would change the entire nature of who we are.

Being in a position and facing your fears is tough and requires incredible perseverance, but it is something that can really change the way you live and experience your life.

My own take on fears

As I have said above, I know that I myself have struggled with fears immensely in the past, which means that I have to work harder and stronger with them.

For most of the fears, the things that I need to do is just waiting without really worrying because fearing doesn’t actually make time fly faster.

The second most obvious thing that I can do is to check the validity of the fear. Check if the fear itself actually exists or it is something that I made up myself.

Fears are hard and tough nuts to crack. Speaking to a practising psychiatrist is something that helps most people immensely, but that also requires work. So the next time you will feel bad, start trying to change yourself.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y