Festive Season

Dec 23 2020

<p>Festive Season</p>

If I am being completely honest, I don’t celebrate Christmas. Not even a little bit.

It is a celebration from a different religion, and the event calendar that I grew up with celebrates Christmas on January the 7th. That has always been a huge benefit as well as a drawback for me.

We all love holidays, and we love to celebrate different events, but is it ever enough?

I get into the holiday spirit around the 23rd as everyone around me is beaming with happiness. After that, we make a little Christmas dinner and wait until the New Year.

For some reason, New Year has been the most important celebration for Russian, more important than Christmas that we have later.

Maybe it has to do something with that New Year is simply the first celebration, but either way, everyone goes crazy on the New Year. To recover from the night of New Year, it takes around 2 days and after that you basically so tired from celebrating that usually, I want to go back to work straight away.

I know that it might sound crazy, but any more holidays feel like a hustle after the New Year.

So when the time 7th comes, and I am forced into another celebration, I am basically asking for the holidays to finish.

While it is nice to have two Christmas parties, the exhaustion that builds up negates any rest I had during the winter holidays.

This year

This year seems to be completely different. First off it is one of the rare years that my family and I didn’t travel anywhere for the end of December. As long as I remember myself, we always went somewhere to celebrate. This year we decided to make it a home celebration.

Second of all the events and performances will not be held anywhere around the world, especially with the new type of Covid spreading. Most of the content that can get the population into the holiday spirit will be online. That can seem really great at first, but experiencing fireworks online and in-person are two completely different types of experiences.

End of the year

I am certain that this year has forced us to change and to be different. The year has caused much pain and suffering. Overall, the end of the year has always been a symbol of closing one book and opening a new one. Everything starts fresh and new. The start of the year is full of possibilities of a new and fresh start which all of us want to have.

Stay healthy and safe! Happy end of 2020!