Finishing what started

Nov 12 2020

<p>Finishing what started</p>

Starting and stopping

I really think that having 30 unfinished articles is not a good idea.

Every morning I write, and sometimes there are days when I just want to write a simple qnote about my life and about what is happening.

This small piece starts to take shape and become this monster of a super-sophisticated article with examples, research and comparisons.

Of course, that is awesome, and I want every single article of mine to be that way, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to write something such as this. This allows me to speak with you on a very personal level instead of just blasting you with information and hoping that you haven’t just wasted time reading and not understanding.

Every time I write, I feel the improvement. I truly do.

The only problem is that the improvements are too minuscule for me to understand what they are exactly. I guess the way to understand is to do even more practice and then in a month time look back at my old work and compare. That way, I will see the difference and will be able to tell what exactly has improved.

I have been going crazy over my procrastination regarding the novel that I started writing. I remember how painful it was to start, to begin with, I am not sure why it is so painful to keep on going either. This is the same with what is happening with a new project that I have been trying to make for at least a month now. I have probably only put a good 5 hours into it.

I understand that everything new is scary and not something that I want to do on a subconscious level as it requires patience and effort to learn and improve. But life is just like that. If I am not willing to learn, there is no reason for me to carry on living.

There is a great saying:

  • “Once you stop learning, you start dying” — Albert Einstein

This, I think, describes my mentality all too well, even for my own liking.


What I need to focus on in this November and going into December is to finish what I have started.

There are a lot of things that I need to finish; some of them are incredibly important. It would only make sense if I discipline myself and force myself to finish them so I develop a habit and can be a finishing type of person.

All of us must understand one thing. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your idea is or how amazing what you wanted to build it. What matters are results that you have shared with others. You can have 15 fully written books on your hard drive, but if you never publish them, it doesn’t really matter, and you are no different from an outside perspective, then those that have done nothing.

This is not to say that the progress that you do just for yourself doesn’t matter; it does. But it needs to be a combination of your private work and work that you can show to learn and improve from.

Either way. I am genuinely happy, and so I just need to keep moving forward to reach better and higher peaks.

Start now. Get perfect Later.

Klim Y