First Blog Post - First Step

Aug 22 2020

<p>First Blog Post - First Step</p>

First Blog Post - First Step

Days passed. Weeks ran by. I was still thinking - which topic to cover FIRST? How people will react? Will there be any readers in the first place?

How the hell do you get ideas for the good blog post!

This kept me up at night ~~usually fall asleep at 21:00~~.

First blog post

After looking around and contemplating on what exactly should I write about and if anyone will ever even read what I write, I saw this cool blog on one of fellow WIP members websites.

First thought ➡️ Need to steal his First blog post text and rewrite it 🤓

Second thought ➡️ What if he sees this blog and compares to his own blog post?

Third thought ➡️ If that happens I will be a lucky guy to have such an awesome reader!

I still couldn't just start writing the blog post from scratch. So I decided to list the reasons why I wanted to write:

  1. I have wild ideas that I need to put in words to consolidate my understanding and to see the idea through. Workflowy is not cutting it anymore ~~(after I reached 150 ideas and can't sort through them)~~
  2. I am a native Russian speaker. I have been living in UK for the past 10 years, but my writing gives away my immigration status 🤓 Every single blog article is extra practice expressing myself.
  3. Teaching a topic is like reading 10 books on that topic. Also I need to make more notes on books and articles which I read, why not share the insights?
  4. Learning programming and MAKING is hard on it's own. Not having someone to share the work with, that is even worse as all your work goes into nothingness and no one usually ever sees the pet projects. Here I will at least be able to share them. ~~Free marketing~~
  5. In 100% of the internet, 90% are consumers of content and consumers of everything. 9% are people who copy and change or alter content. 1% are the MAKERS. It take a great deal of work to be in the 1% of MAKERS. But if you start talking, you can achieve greatest heights available.

If you for some reason in 1% of makers, don't hesitate to drop me a line at my email.

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