Frustration and Distractions

Mar 12 2021

<p>Frustration and Distractions</p>

Today I want to talk about something that I have experienced throughout my life, but I have experienced a completely new level of this phenomenon for the past couple of days.

You probably know that things that happen in life and especially in your personal life, somehow find a way to affect every single action that you make and every part of your daily routine.

You hit your finger on a door and had to think about the pain all week. Your pet is ill, and you are thinking about it for the week to come. You had a fight with your soul mate and have a bad mood with constant self-questioning for the rest of the week.

All of the things above are things that really do influence you and your work. Not just what work you do, but also how productive you are at doing it and the quality of the end result.

It might not seem like it, but you thinking about something different every 5 minutes and distracting yourself from tasks is the perfect example of multitasking and destructive multitasking at that.

Personal experience

For me, a person who always focuses on work and achieving greatness, being influenced by things that happen in my life is something that I always tried to avoid.

If I get into an argument or into a difficult position, I either try to solve it straight away in order to lower the amount of time I will worry about it, or I try to ignore it completely as if it doesn’t even exist.

This time around, I have gotten into a love spell, something that I don’t let myself into too often. The reason why this is such a problem is because the subject in action is actually in another city whilst my work is a 2-hour flight away from her.

Every time I am not fully immersed into the work, and I am not in the flow state, I go for the worst destructive actions to my productivity possible. I do everything that I have trained myself not to do.

I constantly check notifications. I check every single social media to see if anything new from her is there, and I check my messages in every messenger.

Those actions of course, lead to nowhere, but no matter how I tell myself that, I still keep on doing that.

This has been really hitting my productivity in ways that I didn’t even know was possible.

The side effect

But with problems come hidden benefits.

Ever since I met that girl, I have been having an incredible motivation to keep on moving forward and working non-stop.

I, as a person that considerably happy with where I am right now, I never thought that another person could motivate me this much, but now I am trying my hardest to move forward, improve and do everything I can to get better.

That has been at part balancing out the drop in productivity that I have been having, but still, the overall effect is somewhere in the middle, not really positive and not negative.