How to rest

Mar 22 2021

<p>How to rest</p>

Don’t be constrained by the things that are usually taken to be the best for you. Be ready to experiment and be open to opportunities that come up no matter then situation and what you are doing.

That is why when the next time you find yourself with extra time and possibilities to do anything that goes out of your comfort zone instead of staying there, try to explore. Try to try new things. Try to go out and have fun or challenge yourself.

On the other hand, if you always go out and party, you instead should relax and do some meditation that instead is supposed to bring you outside of your comfort zone.

What do you do when you finished all your work early? Do you go and do something fun and exciting that brings you more energy and joy, or do you go into the negative cycle of bad habits that only give you immediate satisfaction without any long term health and mood benefits?

Most important of all, what do you do when you are happy, and you have the most amount of energy?

Who said that we need to rest?

I have heard this saying quite recently, and to be completely honest, I have been really pushed back by it.

Even though there is a lot of evidence that show the benefits and a positive effect of resting and taking breaks, how long and how often is good enough? There are clear suggestion, but there isn’t an ultimate way to get to that point.

Also, what about those that achieve incredible heights whilst complexly ignoring the breaks mentality? Are breaks just another way to give us a reason to spend our money and to live carelessly?

I can not say, but clearly, resting is needed. Just what you do in that resting time is what determines how your working time will go. Sometimes and actually most of the time, resting time can be completely combined with working time that makes the positive things merge together with the productive things of work.