Getting back at it after a break

Jun 7 2021

<p>Getting back at it after a break</p>

I wanted to say that I have been neglecting one of the most important and serious things that I have been doing for the past 8 months.

I have not written much in the past month, and I have barely spent time on my habits that I have been vigorously doing every single day for the same amount of time.

My excuse was that I just chose to do more efficient and effective things in life, but truth be told, I just ended up spending the same time on useless, unimportant things that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t make me or anyone else a better person.

What are things that I wished I didn’t stop doing the most?

The list is huge, and I can not really rank it, but now that I have had a break from the crazy routine that I have set up, I can give a basic list that might be able to tell you what is really have been noticing compared to some things that were actually just a time sink instead of being something productive.

  1. The most noticeable and hard thing has been not writing 1.5 thousand words for the novel every day. At some point, I was at the top of success, but the amount of plot and the difficulty of writing and working on it whilst surrounded by other things has been a little too hard. But every time I think about doing anything nowadays, I think that a better time sink would be to go and write.

Call me crazy, but I just love writing novels and working on the fantasy story so much that without it is just hard. Adding to that the fact that I truly love reading novels, it only adds to me wanting to write so much
  2. The other thing that has really affected me greatly has been not writing and not finishing the morning journal straight after I wake up.

Due to the low amount of sleep that I am forced to have due to going to the track every morning and trying to make and improve connections with people, waking up prior to training and writing or making self-improvement seems to be something out of the fiction novel that I need to write.

That is why not having this time of 15-25 minutes of straight focus causes me to not being able to write the 600 words that I own to myself.

This, as I have heard everyone say, causes the stress levels to rise as well as the anxiety that is build up inside of us to release onto everyone and everything that we touch or interact with. A poor feeling and behaviour, to say the least.
  3. The third and last thing that I have been really feeling bad about is not writing here and sending newsletters. Why?

 Well, because after writing - Every. Single. Day. For half a year, it just feels and felt wrong to stop writing. It felt as if I would not be fulfilling someone’s expectations because I have promised myself and everyone who is reading this that I will be writing every day. 

Although I didn’t get a single message asking me to pay up or where I went, that made me both happy and sad at the same time. This means that maybe this writing for someone else out there is a big waste of time as well; I mean, after half a year, having no results is a clear indication that my strategy is not working either way.

The honourable mentions to things that I have really missed, but I wouldn’t say that I think about them daily is posting on 3 social media that I wanted to excel at.

Telegram, Twitter and Instagram have been the 3 platforms that I chose to post the content that I would like to see someone else make.

These were curated quotes that I found online and organised them into a series of 10 quotes that were key to the point and really made one question their way of life and get the motivation to change and improve.

The problem is, and the biggest reason is that I have stopped curating them and posting them as well as stopping the bot from automatically making everything is that I have not gotten results from them in over 6-9 months. Can you imagine that?

That simply means that what I am doing is just not working, and that is something is wrong with the way I do things in social media because gaining no followers and having low reach is the indication that I have chosen the wrong strategy.

That is the reason that even though I know that it is important to be important and popular on social media, that actually, what you get there is what is going to determine how fast you get to the top.

The other honourable mention for sure goes to my GitHub journey were through tears and sweat, every day I did a commit to my repo. Most importantly, it was hard and painful, especially when you have no time whatsoever to try to code and understand the problem.

At some points, it was even just extremely bad code commented out or added as a test. That was one of the things that I was forced to do in times where I had no motivation, time or energy to do any of the coding stuff.

This was not the thing that I wanted my habit to deteriorate, so maybe stopping it all together made more sense.

Overall it feels very nice to finally admit to myself that I am not a total loser for dropping habits and giving myself some time off. After reflecting, I have a much clearer picture of what to do and in what way.