Getting there

Apr 12 2021

<p>Getting there</p>

One of the most fundamental things I have recently understood was the ability to start something and finish it at some definite point.

It can seem like something straightforward to understand and very logical, but in most cases, it is not as easy as it can seem.

Starting something and taking every process from the start till the finish is something that takes courage, and that takes a real understanding of the goal and where you are going.


The first initial step before even deciding to do something is starting, and I personally recommend starting straight away as soon as you can, even if you lack information and knowledge. So the next time you are considering your options and gathering information, instead, try to start straight away.

Once you have started already, adjusting and changing the strategy is very easy, plus, straight away, you would discover the problems that you initially would have never even thought of.

Why do I suggest starting straight away without the normal procedure of getting your strategy, analytics and everything else in order? Well, mostly because that way you make sure that you are not going astray and actually reaching the best course of action that you can.

Why? Because you don’t need the motivation to start, and you are not going to get it before. The way you get motivation is by doing something and starting something.

During the process is when your brain is fully activated and can do whatever it can to reach the optimal state of pushing you to reach the goal.


Finishing is another aspect that doesn’t get talked about a lot. But it is still one of the most important things that one has to do in order to go from the start to the completed project.

Looking at the way people behave in the world, it is can be considered the pinnacle of success. Most of the people, or around 90%, never finish what they start and either leave it halfway or keep on working on the things forever.

That is why making sure that you have a destination of plan and goal that you have marked somewhere as the main driver towards something.

Also, deriving daily habits that you can use to move to the goal is the best way to go to the goal without really worrying about anything because making sure that you complete the goals daily.

Klim Y