Go against your fears

Apr 28 2021

<p>Go against your fears</p>

I have had a really fun day today with me performing at a an marketing event about retention with people that really inspire and at the same time make me realise that even though our company is great, there are a bunch of companies that are even more capable.

That is a humbling experience that I really required.

To be completely honest, I have wanted to perform in a public speaking event for a long time now, and it has been really an interesting journey. From being scared for my dear life to being on stage and realising that any second now I would have to start.

It was the moment of no return that I have never experienced. The last couple of seconds when you are alone in front of 10 cameras and 5 screens, and you know that all that you have been rehearsing is going to go down right now is very scary.

But nonetheless, I have fought against that urge, and that scare that I have been feeling, and I feel like I smashed it.

There were a couple of small missteps that I have wished weren’t present, but me going over the presentation and performing by myself for a little while is something that I should have done much sooner.

It is what let me make sure that I talk fluidly and say the things that I am meant to say.

To be completely honest, it is the same way that I have always been able to do the exams. I am scared witless and prepare maniacally until the second that I walk into the examination room, and everything grows still until the minute that I give the paper to the teacher.

The atmosphere

I am not so sure what was the reason for it, but I have never felt so good about a bunch of people that I met for the first time.

The people who were gathered were as if speaking the same language that I was speaking, and all I wanted to do was to share something as well as get their opinion on something. That is for certain not something that commonly is available to people and not commonly I want to do.

I feel very grateful to retail rocket for letting me perform and challenge myself like this.

Right now, I am only 23 years old, and I have never had an experience like this of performing in front of such a huge crowd. Basically the same crowd as a small stadium. Really great to think that I could share my wisdom with so many people and that my ideas and information can be very useful to others.