Habitat of Isolation

Oct 14 2020

<p>Habitat of Isolation</p>


So here I am just sitting in the apartment of my friends who are not in the country right now just non stop working and worrying about stuff.

The first thing I did after waking up at 4:00 was to post an Instagram post at my businesses account. I was worried to my bones that I messed up and forgot about posting it.

You know it is not in my ROAM schedule so no way I remember such trivial thing. In reality it didn’t and wouldn’t matter in short or long run, so why must I worry?

All in all what I am trying to understand is what happened to me that I stopped having such a clear and distinct morning where I would have time to read, research and do anything I like super early in the mornings before anyone would wake up.

How and why am I now only able to wake up so late? Is it because of the sunrise being so late and my body clock not being ready to waking up so early?

Or is it the burnout from over doing it?

wake up gif

What is the priority Cap

Also another thing that bothered me a lot is that I am not putting out fires. I am not doing what I know is correct. What I am doing is just being shoved into every small thing and blamed for each and small thing without being able to say and retaliate at all.

Is that what CEO does nowadays? Just being ordered and compressed into an idiot by major stakeholder?

I know that I probably don’t want to be fired, plus I do have a clear vision for the company and where we should head but this hole process is just so stupid!

I mean I am probably rumbling and not really sticking to a consistent point for readers to understand. But, I must say I have been so demotivated and unmotivated lately to my main job that I don’t even know what to do.

CEO gif


Either way! I started righting another note and actually it became a really interesting blog post. I have a lot of IDEAS and In Progress pieces waiting for me to start or to finish them.

Plus there is a tiger in the closet. The Social Media Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs. THE BLOG that I actually care about. As I said yesterday I need a free head and full concentration to work on that bad boy. I hope tomorrow I can finally wake up early before work and start chipping at it.

Expect it this weekend(I think). Or if I have to travel back to another country, then maybe next week?

Either way, I promise it will be decent.

Okay! Thanks for reading my rumbling in this note

Good Night

Klim Y