Happiness and Hobbies

Dec 28 2020

<p>Happiness and Hobbies</p>

Social image or inner peace?

Today I wanted to write about hobbies and happiness and that even if you know that the hobby is bad for you, the problems that you get from being unhappy are far worse. Sorry for a rumble in advance.

If you want to read something more fun, try this.

But after writing non-stop for 30 minutes, I realised that I want to have a backing to my words before publishing it.

I realise that it is a sensitive topic and what I am basically saying to some people is to go and smoke or go and drink alcohol while the whole world is trying to make people stop doing that. Even I myself don’t drink and smoke and find them horrible habits.

So what I want to do is do comprehensive research that will prove my own understanding. I want to make sure that I have my theory can be backed up.

Drawbacks of Hustling

Depression has been a major issue for the last 100 years and more than ever, 2020 saw an incredible demand for the therapists. There are simply not enough therapists to help those in need, why do you think that? Because for people, paying $100 per hour and doing it once a week is much easier subconsciously, than taking a step back, critically looking and analysing what they are doing and changing to not have issues in the first place.


The main reason for this is that all of us have free time. We spend it stupidly and doing something completely unproductive. But at what point the world became so unreasonable to make Instagram and TikTok an acceptable time sink while watching anime, mindlessly walking and gaming became unreasonable? At what point Netflix became better than walking? When did spending time unproductively became differentiated on what you do?

I have seen many people ridiculed for what they have as hobbies, and usually, if the hobby or the interest is either ruining ones life or not letting a person reach their full potential, I tend to agree. Some hobbies, such as drinking can be addictive, but it can be the most interesting and engaged fields if controlled. Think sommelier and how it is another name for those that enjoy and know the difference in wines.


I think that the main reason why there is such a huge differentiation in type of habit and what people think of you is that some people cannot understand and don’t want to understand some of the habits.

It is like the saying that we shy away from things that we don’t understand.

“You like going to the beach and running? Oh, I also love going to the beach and running. You are so cool.”

But if something rarer comes up:

“Oh, you like woodcutting? Em, what does it even mean? Do you want to maybe go to a restaurant to grab some delicious food instead?”

That is usually the two situations that happen with those with common and uninteresting interests and habits and those that are a little bit different from the pack of the rest.

Personal thoughts

At the moment, I am not 100% sure of what is right and what is wrong. It can be that my logic is completely flawed, and living a lifestyle where everything revolves around grinding and working with only socially acceptable hobbies is a correct thing. All of the successful people live like that, right? Or is it only of those that we know that live like that? It is hard to tell.

Either way, I think that you must choose what you want. Being happy or being popular with others. Choosing this isn't easy, and I hope after further research, I will be able to answer this question.

Make sure you do what you love and not what is available.

Klim Y