Happiness as a function

Apr 25 2021

<p>Happiness as a function</p>

How much do you believe in finding your happiness as a fluke?

I feel that it is nearly impossible to achieve happiness without actively seeking, or being open to new things.

I know for a fact that happiness for me is experiencing total bliss, something that is new and exciting and makes me really feel alive.

Just by the nature of who I am, I can only experience happiness from triumphing over something that is really hard and took me great efforts to do.

So for me, it doesn’t really make sense that happiness can appear from nowhere, but lately, I have been starting noticing that happiness started appearing in my life simply because I was open to new things and allowed some things to move on their own.


I feel not many people really talk about health as something that can really be linked to happiness. But no matter if you agree or not it is the most important thing in your life.

Health is the sole thing that will have an unimaginable effect on your life, no matter if you carefully tend to it or ignore it.

Here it all depends on the way that you look at it. If you want to have a better life, there is no other way but to tend to your health carefully, but the good news here that you can also passively work on your health and still achieve incredible results.

Doing sports is a way to be healthy, so finding a sport that you like doing will not only make you spend your time better, but it will also make you happier in the long run because you will be passively improving your life and your health.

Eating healthily once again will not only help you realise what makes your body and mind much more efficient at work but will also help you stay healthy and be more active all through your life.

Once you create these habits, you don’t need to actively worry about your health as long as you are doing the correct things.


The same thing can be said about work.

For different people, work is a completely different thing, and all of us have different responsibilities, but I think the common theme is that when we get promoted and praised by our bosses, we experience happiness.

Well, you can try to do your everything and really try to focus on getting promoted with all of the work that you do, or you can simply let your work speak for yourself.

Instead of actively working on getting promoted, you can outperform everyone, do more than you required and take responsibilities just because you can. As a result, you will get promoted or praised either way. That is also going to be the same effect of happiness that you allowed into your life passively.


As a matter of fact, I treat my relationships the same way that I treat my work. I plan to experiment and try to have all facts and data under my fingers. That way, there is less or no unknown things, and I can guarantee what exactly to expect and what to do.

But for the past 2 months, I have let the relationship itself to flow under the tides of time and become something on its own. I didn’t worry and didn’t actively try to experience anything. However, even still, with no real hard effort put into it, I have achieved happiness, something that usually was impossible for me.

The only difference here is that I let things flow. I didn’t try to fight against it and instead embraced it. As a result, I got the happiness that I never even expected to get in the first place.