A happy Relationship

Mar 30 2021

<p>A happy Relationship</p>

I feel that my posts have been going through a roller coaster of emotional states.

One day I wake up, and because yesterday evening went great, I write about how happy life is and how amazing it is. While if yesterday I didn’t meet the person I am crazy about and the person that I really want to spend every second with, I write something like this.

Not necessarily what you might need to read and hear, but something I require to write about.

It isn't straightforward to look at other people in healthy and happy relationships and to get tips from people that are in one. I feel that when it comes to love and choosing your partner, the difference in the type of person you are and the type of person your partner is would determine the way you feel at the start and during the whole relationship.

What do I mean by that?

If, for example, your soulmate is active and always does something, even without you, that person would never feel that she actively needs you. She would feel nice whenever you are together, and that would be the reason she is spending time with you, but she would never actively require you two to be together.

If your soulmate is already satisfied with the way his/her life is, being together is only a bonus to her and not something that she can not live without.

If you, just like me, have never been before in a relationship with a self-efficient adult, the one with no major emotional problems, it is going to be a very interesting experience, to say the least.

I always expect partners to be reaching out to you and at least being semi curious about you. Simultaneously, it turns out that before you solidify the relationship, not every type of person would do that.

To my surprise, hanging out with old friends is something that is just if not more satisfactory to that partner than hanging out with me.

I would have never even guessed that it could work like that. Maybe I never feel the same way that I feel right now, and sometimes spending every day with that person can feel like a drag. This time around, though, not spending every day with a person is something that I can not tolerate and hurt every day because of that.

This has been an interesting rant from me and hopefully, if you ever find yourself with a person that seems like someone who is an achiever, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. If you are not ready and you feel that being tormented like that and never feeling safe in the relationship is something that you can try, go for it.

Otherwise, if you are used to being in a safe, heartwarming and caring relationship, maybe think twice about spending your time on something like this. Because no matter what you do, at the end of the day, we are all going for the same outcome, but through different paths in life.

Choose your path wisely.

Klim Y