Oct 30 2020



If you think about your personal, current hobbies, how many can you name?

10-20 would be an average for a normal human being.

Out of those, how many of them you research or actively read news for?

5-10 would be an average as well.

How many do you practice regularly?

2-3 for someone with a full time job.

And that is if you actively try to make time for them.

How many hobbies you are allowed to have?

If you think about it, we don’t have a lot of time during the week. It is all limited. And that limited time gets reduced even more by our mood and environment.

Let’s imagine you work from 9 to 6 every day from Monday to Friday. I think this is a normal assumption as at least 51% of the population in the US works like this.

You have a limited time in a week. 7 days * 24 hours = 168 hours in a week.

Out of those 168 hours you work for 5 * 9 = 45 hours.

Out of 123 hours, considering you daily sleep for 7 hours, you sleep for 49 hours.

Now you are left with 72 hours.

I would typically also subtract 1 hour each day for commuting to and from office, but now that we are all isolated I won’t do that. We will see what eats our time now instead of commuting.

72 hours.

That is a lot of time if you think about it.

You have more time than what you spend on your job, free.

You can learn a new language, you can learn a new skill or you can create a business with that time and retire early.

Reality check:

None of us speak 10 languages. None play every musical instrument. None have a multibillion business while working our asses off at our current job.

What goes wrong:

Let's take away coffee or tea breaks during our free time. 20 minutes daily. 2 hours. Now 70 hours left.

Let’s take away eating. 1 hour daily if you meal prep or 2 hours if you cook daily. Minus 7 hours. 64 hours.

Brushing teeth and showers that’s 20 minutes daily at least. Again 2 hours. We are left with 62 now.

Social media. 1 hour daily as a MINIMUM. 55 hours left.

Getting ready for sleep, plus 1 hour daily. 48 hours.

48 hours. That is still a lot of time.

Hobby 1: 1 hour a day to practice.

41 hour left.

Hobby 2: 1 hour a day to practice.

34 hours left.

Hobby 3: 1 hour per day to practice.

27 hours left.

Okay so now we have 27 hours. It can either be 3.5 more hobbies but you would have to be perfect. Or just 27 hours of time for family, socialisation and relaxation. That is it.

Day becomes a week. Week become a month. Month become a year. Year becomes your Life.

bad day leads to bad life

So what all of this maths means and what 27 hours even mean?

It means that if you slack for at least 1 week, you missed out on 48 hours of self-improvement.

Everything compounds. If you miss one day, it is not a big deal, 2 days is still recoverable but if you go on weeks without actually doing your hobbies, you will not be able to grow at all.

Time isn’t magical. You can’t recover it, and if you waste it, you won’t suddenly improve your life.

If you did nothing, you also going to get nothing in return.

Don’t trick yourself believing that you will suddenly improve and get better. It takes work and time. Start putting reps in now.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y