Holidays for Makers

Dec 26 2020

<p>Holidays for Makers</p>

My whole understanding of the world has flipped 180 in the year 2020. I have changed the way I think, the way I work, and the way that I judge things.

For me, the winter holidays have always been time to relax and enjoy myself. Do some self-learning but mostly enjoy life.

Even though I still think that this is key not to burn out, now I think that even more important thing to do in the winter holidays is to review.


You might not realise what the most important thing that has happened in the year is.

There are a bunch of people that have succeeded in 2020. There are a bunch of people that have failed in 2020. There are also those that were too scared to try anything new in 2020.

What is key is realising what has triggered your life changed in the 365 days that have passed.


I will use an example of a fellow WIP member, Florian. He has created a company that gives you tailwind CSS components, ready to use, called Mistral.

The main question that he would have to ask himself at the end of the year review would be, what has pushed me to start making and creating? For what reason did I start the company that has already started paying for itself?

There is always the initial push that leads to results. Identifying what it was and how you used it is detrimental to replicate it to succeed more often and even bigger.

Just start writing it

To tell you the truth, the end of the year review is not an easy task. But it is a task that must be done either way.

The end of the year review is a thing that has to be done considering all of the benefits and positive effects that it has on our lives. It lets us take a step back and see what worked and what didn’t. What increased our happiness and what decreased it.

It also helps us resurface the worst and the best memories of the year that could potentially help us focus on what to do in the upcoming year.

Personally, after doing a review of a previous year, I start with a plan for the next year.

The review helps to focus on important parts, and the success patterns that you have identified can be amazing for the next year. Ensuring you don’t make mistakes and focus on the most beneficial work can be a game-changer.

As a small spoiler, my blog's biggest success was writing a 2000 words article that incorporated in itself a lot of research-based on SEO research. If that worked, why change the formula?

There are incredible sources that tell you how and what exactly to include in your end of the year review. They range from Forbes, Inc and fairygodboss. All of them share tips and tricks, and they are the templates and tips that I use myself.

Be happy

Don’t try to overwork yourself on the holidays. Do not slack, but don’t judge yourself too harshly.

The year has been a mess, and there were an insane amount of changes.

Don’t let your voice inside your head to control and shame you. You deserve to rest. But don’t go into an unproductive mode for weeks. Take one or 2 days off. Truly rest and then come back with full power. You can also take things slowly during the holidays and not push huge projects while you are relaxing. Think and reflect. This is the only time that we have a relatively calm time with little to no distraction. Have some happy time to truly think of what has been happening with you for the whole year.

As usual, no-one, but you will do the review that is required.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y