Holidays are the best

May 3 2021

<p>Holidays are the best</p>

I have really been underestimating the power of what the holiday can do to you.

I have been relatively happy in Moscow, living my life and working non-stop, and to tell you the truth, I haven’t even thought about the feeling that one can have and can really experience when one is having the best rest of his life.

It can seem rather weird to think about rest during work as that can seem counterproductive, but after really experiencing a good rest, I will never be able to forget what it feels like.

I have always been the type of person that prefers being alone and really focusing on work. Still, something happened during my move to Moscow, and now instead, I feel energised and happy when I am with others, especially the one person that makes my life better every time.

But now that I am on holiday, it all seemed to make sense and fit into the puzzle very nicely, making it nearly impossible for anything else to really be an issue.

There is a lot of work waiting patiently for my return so that I can start focusing on it and what is more that there is even more work that I haven’t even started and felt like starting.

But if before that seemed to be a heavy burden that I couldn’t even think of the way to lift it, now it feels more like an amazing opportunity that I can do and use once I am fully regenerated and ready to go.

I can not even say how happy I am without you realising how stressful and hardworking I have been for the past month. But what is more, that now that I am here, I don’t feel anything but happiness. That has never happened before.

Point of vacation

I feel that there is a definite reason for taking a vacation, and what is more, is that the reason seems to be so straight forward and logical that it even scares me that I didn’t think about it earlier.

The reason is that you go on vacation and rest to get the energy and willpower to work harder later.

Yes, you can read the sentence above and say - “Well, everyone understands that. It’s common sense.” I felt the same way when people told me about the importance of getting rest, but now I actually feel that I understand that sentence and the reason for rest completely different from before.

It is as if it were simple words before, but now I have felt it and agree with it wholeheartedly.

Klim Y