How I use ROAM Research to Increase my Productivity

Sep 27 2021

<p>How I use ROAM Research to Increase my Productivity</p>

ROAM Research

I have wanted to share the way that I have used ROAM Research for a while now.

The more I have been using it, the more amazed I have become.

The possibilities that open up for you when you use ROAM are incredible. And the most fantastic thing is that you only need to know about the [[ ]] feature to start.

At this point, the magic will start.

ROAM works because you can put anything into the square brackets, and it becomes a hyperlink.

You didn’t put the word into the square brackets? It still gets indexed into the database inside of ROAM as an unlinked reference.

The basics of it is that you don’t need to be a genius to use it. And to get the full benefit of ROAM Research, simply using it allows you to start working towards a centralised storage system slowly.

For me, the most annoying thing was constantly losing the information that I wanted saved.

Now that I have ROAM, there is no chance that I will ever forget about something.

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