How to Relax better

Feb 12 2021

<p>How to Relax better</p>

Today I don’t want to write about being productive or any tips that come with that, today Is a day where I mostly want to touch upon the thing that most of us do, relax.

If you don’t give yourself enough rest, you will rather quickly experience burnout that can last from a month to a couple of years, completely stopping and even reversing any progress that you ever dreamt of having. But more on that in the coming week in a new article.

Either way, we have established that all of us try to relax. What do you do when you have free time?

For me, that would have been a stupid question before, but once I decided to explore where it comes from. I found that relaxation activities, even if both enjoyable to you for the same amount, can give you different levels of relaxation and the happiness hormone.

2 activities that you would place both on the same scale of fun can give you either extreme tiredness the next day, or it can give you extreme alertness and wellness.

So how is this decided? Well… it is not that easy. The science is still trying to research why it is happening and any common patterns that would be easy to follow and navigate. That is why what we are left off right now is some discoveries that we have on hands.

Some examples

First off going into the weekend with no plan is a guarantee to failure. If you want to get the best out of your free time, you must have a plan of action, even if it is in ranges of +-3 hours. Having a plan guarantees that your brain knows what is going to happen and so will feel more relaxed and excited for the things to come.

Second thing, going outside of your home. I know that right now with all the Covid things still in action, it can be extremely hard to find a safe spot outside of your own house, but the whole point is to leave your own home. That can mean going to a friends house or somewhere in the wild.

The third thing is spending time with other people. Again, this can be rather difficult in the times of Covid, I know, but there are still ways to pull that off. If you are at a remote work situation, you can try to speak to as little people as possible and ask the same from your friend, that will make sure that both of you are trying to do the best job you can of not getting the Covid from outside and spreading it to each other.

Speaking and interacting with other humans that we like actually triggers a unique neurone sensor that improves your quality of time as well as different happiness levels.

Fourth thing and that is to try new activities. I understand that sometimes you have found an activity that really gets your gears rolling and you would hate to miss out even a single weekend, but research had shown that in most cases it does. So the very next time you think of doing the same thing, maybe consider challenging yourself and your group and trying something else. That guarantees new emotions and experiences that you have never tried before.

I think these four tips are the best that you can find right now and if there are more, let me know on Twitter or email!

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y