How to succeed in reaching your goals online in 2020

Nov 11 2020

<p>How to succeed in reaching your goals online in 2020</p>

Find what you enjoy. Find what makes you good money. Find what has the potential out of what you enjoy and to make you good money.

Now you want to ignore everything and do that. Reaching your goals and especially when it comes to impressive goals is hard.

If as an example, you see no results after a couple of weeks, don’t think that you have failed. You were doing it because it is fun, to begin with. Keep on working and improving just for the sake of doing the process.

Keep on working on yourself and improving, don’t give up and follow the process for some time.

Before you know it, you escaped the initial start, and now you are propelling into being super successful and earning money you could never imagine.

What guarantees success?

If you would like to make sure that you get exposure and not waste time, then you want to make fast and thorough decisions.

When you think of a new project, start it straight away, don’t hesitate. Work on it immediately and make it your number one priority outside what you are already doing.

Don’t delay this project and put deadlines on yourself when you need to finish it. As soon as you can see that you have the MVP of the project with no apparent bugs, release it to the world. Get feedback and either win the lottery and become a successful maker or get valuable feedback on what to focus on in the next project and how to improve.

Don’t underestimate and shy away from failure. Sometimes it is better to fail 10 times and learn valuable lessons, instead of not starting and not having any experience what so ever.

Practice make perfect, and if you want to improve whatever you do, you have to practice vigorously. Right now, the costs of creating your project or doing something you love are close to 0. You can probably get away with having no initial experience, to begin with. So, what matters at that point is the drive that can either propel you to greatness. Or suck you into being a procrastinator for the rest of your life.

People are afraid to repeat things over a long time; they are afraid to commit. What helps is limiting you’re thinking to one week at a time. Can you code every day for a week? Can you write an interesting case study point every day for a week? Sure. For a year? That is already much harder to guarantee, but still possible. What if you just asked yourself to do the task every day for a week, every week of the year?

day vs year comparison

Accumulate goodness.

I look at myself as an example of this. I have not been writing at all when I had no habits of doing this daily. I just had no reason to do it. Even though I said that I would write in my free time, what ended up happening is me writing a paragraph every 3 days or so because even thought of starting some huge project in writing felt draining.

What if I wrote a sentence every day for the same 2 months I didn’t finish a single article? I would have had 60 sentences or a pretty good article in the same 2 months, where I didn’t achieve anything by going a normal way about producing content.

I love writing, but when your life is so busy, you give yourself excuses, and nothing gets done.

I always get into the trap of running a marathon before putting running shoes on.

My resolution that I have been following every day is — just put on running shoes, see how you feel. If you feel good, then go for a walk, see how you feel. If you feel good, go for a run. And so on.

Don’t force yourself climbing mountain Everest straight away. You are not doing yourself or anyone else any favours. What you need to do is to do a 5-minute climb at the bottom of the mountain, see how you feel and go a little further every time.

This will make sure that in years you will be insanely prepared for the climb, instead of procrastinating and promising yourself that on Monday, you change your life and you will climb the whole mountain straight away. Not today, but on Monday.

Come on. We all know how Mondays usually go.

break vs routine

How to be true to yourself:

If you think that feeling sorry for yourself is a way to go, I am afraid the world just doesn’t let you do that. It eats people alive when you are not looking because everyone is for himself here.

Don’t think that someone cares about you so much that you can be a pathetic mess. You took yourself into strong arms and instead of waiting until you feel better to start something, start it straight away. Just starting is always better than not starting.

You will never have a perfect plan and a perfect execution. You need to work with what you have available to yourself right now. You must make sure that you can start and chip away at problems at your terms and rate.

Basic maths don’t lie to you when it comes to doing a task daily and practising it daily. You get a lot more results as not doing the process basically feels foreign to you after some time.

I have been writing for over a month now, daily. And I actually cannot imagine what my life would look like any more without me writing. It is scary to think that I could have done this 5 years ago or even 12 years ago when I had my first, kids blog. I can’t imagine how different my life would be.

What about you? Can you think of something that you have always known that you needed to do or start, but you never actually did? Well, if you know at least one thing, do it right now. Drop everything and start.

expectation of habits vs their reality

Let’s do this together.

If you actually have something that you wanted to start and you will start today. Write to me by email or direct message. I want to be there for everyone that actually takes this seriously and wants to get better and improve their life.

We are all alone in this world when it comes to personal success. Doesn’t matter what type of success. If we don’t take out life and use it to achieve it, our lives will be used to achieve someone else’s success.

As usual, the most important thing when doing anything is:

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y