I write and you read

Nov 19 2020

<p>I write and you read</p>

Knowing who is in control

There are too many writers that want to please their audience too much.

They try to come up with the topics that the reader would click on in the newsletter. They come up with words and sentences that put the writer in a good light. They do everything not to be judged and to be respected and envied.

This is a prevalent trend you see all around the internet. It applies to the small bloggers that have grown just a little bit, and also it applies to huge bloggers that have understood that real people are reading your writing on the other side.

This does not only apply to writing. It applies to public speaking, videos on topics, ADs campaigns and ever software.

Software to please

Most of the people when choosing what side project to build go through ups and downs and turns in their mind before starting to work. It is a gad damn rollercoaster.

One of the things the developer decides is, how will he be judged when he presents this product. Would he be congratulated and told how awesome this product is, or would he be booed and shamed for making such an app?

You might not realise, but that is the main factor that stops some amazingly bright folks from building things.

Where it all started

One of the indications of how successful you are right now is how many followers you have on each social network and how much engagement do your posts get.

That is a very slippery slope.

Do you that also base your social interactions subconsciously on this understand what are likes and how they are acquired?

You have users, and these users have interests. These interests are determining who they follow based on the content of the different profiles. This content is liked, shared and saved if it fills other peoples area of interest.

So what are trying to do when posting there? Trying to please others interest and boost their well being.

I think it is evident what this means to normal humans, right? It means that we get programmed that we need to please others to get social approval. We are becoming more and more, just like in the old tribe days. Get accepted with followers or likes, or die as an outcast doing something that no-one agrees and understands.

like vs you image heart

Going forward

It is very interesting how will the world change with the outcomes coming from Covid, but one thing certain is that we got even more integrated with social networks. When you are scared of leaving your home, and by nature, we still require social interactions, you seek some enjoyment out from social networks. So guess what? You get even more addicted to it.

None of this is good or healthy. No way that people can switch off from the mentality they got while socially living in social networks every day, for most of the day.

One way that the world can change if more limits are put on to social networks in general. Once that is done, the social norm and acceptance of the hole social networks market can go down just a little bit. That should be enough to get early adopters onto other platforms that have no likes and other things that get you trapped in a vicious cycle.

Once those vocal adopters get in, it is only a matter of time until the world changes again. It has happened before, and there is no way for history to be different now.

My personal hope is that we all stop doing content and work for others and start doing it for ourselves. That will help us produce higher quality and very personal work. That way, humanity can grow, not degrade.

As always you can try right now, no-one is stopping you:

Start now. Get perfect later