Idea generation - Simple guide to get projects moving

Jul 18 2020

<p>Idea generation - Simple guide to get projects moving</p>

How to get an idea

Lately, I have been really inspired by everyone online like levels to start my own company. Ideas such as,12 startups in 12 months, are really hitting my soft spot for entrepreneurship and most importantly creativity.

The hardest part is - Idea Generation.

I have been unable to generate ideas for that one business I want to start. And the first thing which comes to mind when I skim over 150 ideas now written in my workflow doc is that not a single one of them is either doable or going to work out as full business entrepreneurship.

I have read many books and articles about how "Perfect" is the worst enemy of progress. For example in "Start Now. Get Perfect Later." by Rob Moore he says:

"Hardly anyone gets it right the first time, but many of us are crippled by indecision and fear of failure. The desire to get it right can inhibit us from getting started."

And even though I was really inspired, how can I trade time which I spend on my current venture to something I am not sure about anyways?

Yes if you are struggling with doing a very important task and you are sure about the task working out Start now and get Perfect later.

But what if when you are looking at your ideas list it seems like a heavy mountain is pressing on you and tasks are undoable? How do you start there?

Let's take a look at an example (I am picking the best here):

Photo app for buyers with number cards on photos which put taken photos straight into EXCELL sheet.

This is a very niche idea and I am not even sure how can this be done without a USB which connects your phone with the laptop(which is already a huge bad no for most users). It requires knowing backend, frontend, iPhone app, Android app and also integrating all of that with JSON files and so it's impractical as well as just super niche.

An app/website to have orders for franchisees online. beet me to it already... This was a pretty good idea, but after talking with some programmers, it seemed like it's a 25 people team project with integrating it all together. On top of all that making a great interface for all of that both on the front end and on the back end sounds simply like too much.

Better parallel windows for mac

This is totally something every single Apple user needs. I am stuck with changing back and forth between 2 different bad setups. The solution clearly is needed as some ecosystems just simply are not supported on Mac.

But... Implementation seems impossible due to me having no understanding of how to make native Mac apps and also on how to get windows to work properly not to mention to do it better than Parallels somehow.

So I have finally understood what type of product I can and want to make. It's simply a website with little to no functions but which provides a lot of value to users.

Even though "little to no functions" and "provides a lot of value" contradicts each other I do not see myself working on something or forcing myself to do something if it doesn't match those criteria.

By merely going on my everyday life, I have been noticing tasks which are needed to be automated due to them taking too much time and being very mechanical. I have been writing them down, and now I have a list of things which I need and will work on just for myself. After Alpha tests by myself I might roll them out to the public and if one of them sticks I might even build a business around it.

I have looked up multiple guides on how to look for ideas and how to accert ideas in general and the best thing I found was this general set of questions you should ask yourself about each and every potential idea (where X is an idea):

How can X be described? Description What are the component parts of X? Analyse How is X made or done? Analysis of Process How should X be made or done? Recommendation What is the essential function of X? Analysis of Function What are the causes of X? Analysis of Origins What are the consequences of X? Analysis of outcomes What are the types of X? classification How does X compare with Y? comparison What is the present status of X? Evaluation How can X be interpreted? Interpretation What are the facts about X? Reporting How did X happen? Narration What kind of person is X? Characterisation What is my personal response to X? Reflection What is my memory/personal experience of X? Reminiscence What is the value of X? Evaluation How can X be summarised? Summary What case can be made for or against X? Argument

I am sure this list of questions can be improved specifically for the type of industry I am looking to work in, but looking up specific things for IT business will most likely put myself into the boundaries of thoughts everyone else has. (build a food delivery app)

First things first though. I need to get a lot of hands-on programming practice if I want to do that.

Even though I haven't made a list of 12 startups I want to do in 12 months and ideas generation is tough, I will start small and grow later if needed.

Next project on the menu is to finish the Waren Buffit's compound interest module to help myself with savings and understanding how money works in general.