Just be the best in everything

Nov 27 2020

<p>Just be the best in everything</p>

Junk blogging

There is a clear line between junk blogs and mastermind blogs.

There are James Clears and there are Semaj Sraelcs’. The difference between the blogs can be like night and day.

The problem comes when great people and bloggers write too much. Their eyes stop seeing the amazing work, and they start producing mediocre quality. It is not only true for writing.

I have personally fallen to this in marketing, programming and relationships. Being into the rut of repetitions and mindless routines can be very dangerous.

On the other hand, routines are things that make us keep going. Routines are the ultimate way humans improve and become true to themselves.

So the question should be how do you find the line between good routines and bad ones?

As James clear has said :

It is all in the identity.

If you think about yourself, what type of person do you want to be?

Do you want to be a happy person? Do you want to be a healthy person? Do you want to be a quality writer? Do you want to be an envied painter?

All of these identities really tell you who you should be and how you should be going in achieving it.

For me, personally:

I want to be an amazing, quality writer.

I have been prioritising both quality and quantity in writing. I won’t lean either way at the moment.

My main writing goal right now is for people to want to come back to the website to get inspired and read more. I want people to sign up for a newsletter because they know that this will improve their lives.

The way to do it? Write 10 times more meaningful and more interesting pieces.

The way to achieve that? Constantly practice to get the basics down, spend more time than others on the pieces. Provide value in areas others don’t.

Humans have a certain amount of attention. There are too many screens and blogs trying to compete for readers attention. That causes people to have an overdose of information.

If you somehow got a human being to read your blog post and he didn’t think it was fantastic or out of this world, just as when I read the Steph Smith piece, that human won’t come back.

So what how do you capture people? You produce the best content you could, and you promote the hell out of it.

That has been a formula for success in anything.

Do you know that there is a market for a certain type of software or product? There is already a company providing that software or product? Spend 10 times the amount of time and effort in creating a solution to the problem. Now you have driven the competitor out of the market.

Hey Apple and any other phone company that it drove out of business.

If you want to get your life in order, you have to understand who you are first.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y