Kind writing

May 2 2021

<p>Kind writing</p>

There is a very interesting thing that has been neglected all around the world. That is a natural and really pure kindness.

In any book or blog that I read, somehow, people fail to think that some people are not that bad. Instead, they are relatively kind and good people who can be working and doing everything not just for their pure effort and profit but instead for other people without expecting anything.

I am not sure why, but the books also fail to do that and instead think of the reader and the person that tries to project on themselves the things that they talk about, but because people are assumed to be more selfish and not nearly as kind, fail to do that.

I haven’t been able to really understand some of the things about relationship and management because somehow, people are projected totally selfish with not a single bit of kindness. Why? Is it because the author is that type of person, or is it because the average public is assumed to be this way?

Either way, I feel that no matter how you look at it, writing is like putting yourself out on everyone's view and the way that you write would solely depend on the type of person as well as the type of personality that you have.

But I am not talking about this as a way to talk bad about the people. But instead, I talk about it as a way for myself and everyone else to improve the understanding that comes with it.

Understanding the material when you know what the average audience of the author lets you really try to project it on yourself through the prism of the people that he is talking about.

If you are a businessman and are reading a book for the students who only started marketing, as you read it, you can assume their personality and apply the lessons learned and the lessons you could use in your business.

But at the same time, if the book is written for those that really only strive for the top without having any regards for others well being you can also, just for the purpose of understanding the material better, try to think like that and getting to yourself the most amount of benefit.


The most fascinating thing about reading is the benchmark and the assumptions that the writers make when writing.

As a writer, I know that we have to choose a single person, a very well defined person and write for them. But sometimes, that person and the real reader that consumes the writing is two completely different types of personalities and sometimes complete opposites.

These benchmarks and bases that supposed to help writers instead make their writing different and coincidentally worse.

Klim Y