Laziness and its avoidance

May 19 2021

<p>Laziness and its avoidance</p>

You might not want to think or even notice it, but sometimes even the best of us get lazy days where it feels that we simply can not be bothered to do anything.

Most of the time I give hangover or some bad mood or food as a justification for feeling this way, but sometimes it just simply happens to us and we can’t do anything about it.

I have felt like this for a couple of times and to be honest it doesn’t feel good. It feels that you have tried doing things for the whole day but in the end achieved nothing.

For me that actually occurs, accidentally, during the times when I am the most busy.

I feel that even though there could be reasons for one being lazy, the underlying principle that I am trying to convey is that it is okay if you feel this way and it is okay to feel that you are lazy.

We all are sometimes and there is nothing bad about being lazy once in a while as long as you wake up the next day and you get right back to being the most productive person this world has ever seen.

But… there are some things that you can do to make sure that you have less of this days and that you overall feel better and less sleepy and unproductive.

I mean it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t have a solution for the problem that I described, right?

Triggers of laziness

Number one thing that triggers you and puts you into the hibernation and procrastination mode is food.

Consuming wrong food at the wrong time makes sure that you feel sluggish and tired for the whole day. Consuming the wrong food in the morning can lead to you being productive mess and feeling like a total piece of meat for the rest of the day.

Spoiler alert, happened to me more times than I am prepared to acknowledge. Worst foods are those that contain a lot of carbohydrates and also foods that have probiotics that suppose to make your stomach work better. Kimchi and lactose drinks fall under this category.

But for me, sometimes even a single piece of bread can trigger this, so I either have no breakfast what so ever, or I try to stick to having less than 20 carbs per meal. That way I can make sure that I don’t fall asleep mid day.

The second thing that can really trigger you being a slob is getting yourself straight after bed into consumption mode where you check your social media and you check your messages before doing anything else that can really boost your energy in the morning.

Also, watching Netflix show and finishing yesterdays show is probably the worst thing that you can do in order to kill all of your days focus on efficiency.

Do not do things passively in the morning, you will regret them for the rest of the day when you can not force yourself into doing anything.

Tips on how to now be lazy

Well also, I want to give a few quick tips on ways that you can improve your day just in order to make it more productive and minimise your chances of being lazy.

Number one thing that I found doing miracles for me is waking up early. That morning time when everyone is still asleep and maybe even sun is still only rising is probably the most magical and focused time of my day.

That time makes sure that I can focus on really the most fascinating work without being distracted as well as giving me the energy to understand that no matter what I do that I will not be judged because that is my time.

If I want to waste that time doing nothing, that is okay, it is my personal time and I can do it. If I want to work, great! I can get a head start from everyone else.

This things above really do help me become a better person. Try them and tell me if any of them work!

Klim Y