Learning is a Life long Journey

Oct 20 2020

<p>Learning is a Life long Journey</p>

I think that learning hasn’t stopped for a single day for every single human being on earth.

The difference between people is that some of the people remember the lessons they got taught and others don’t.

That is what separates those that constantly improve and go above and beyond and those that are not accomplishing anything noteworthy.

How is your Game of Life going?

Today in one of the podcasts Naval has said that:

Life is just like a game. You either won the game or you don’t need it.

He also went onto explaining that every single thing that we do is part of some game. When we won the game, we move on.

Some people though never realise what game they are playing and so they just keep on going playing the next level when they already won.

They keep earning money when they are already rich.

They keep on getting relationships when they are already happy in the family.

It is a game when there can’t be any more wins. There is no point of playing it anymore.

My conclusion

If I am constantly working to reaching the goal and have already done so for some time. I need to look back and ask myself if the goal is already reached and I ma just stuck in so called rat race.

There are no winners in single-player games.

Am I there?

After doing some self reflection, there is no way that I am there for any of my goals that I have been constantly working on.

I am constantly improving and chasing the dreams and goals.

Yes I am already successful in some parts, but in others I am not even close. This is motivating as I still have a game to play. I haven’t fully realised my potential.

So this is it. There is only a straight road ahead to better things every day.

Wish me luck, it is going to be interesting.

I hope you will start or continue your journey too.

Whatever you are doing, good luck!

Klim Y