Path of least resistance

Mar 7 2021

<p>Path of least resistance</p>

In Physics, there is such a concept known as the Path of Least resistance, the wikipedia gives us this definition:

A pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity, among a set of alternative paths.

After years of experience, I have found that this action is not only applicable in rare moments when you are dealing with physical properties but every day in life you can find ways to apply this law to literally anything.

Usually, if you try to slide a brick on a concrete floor, it won’t go far, if at all. But if you use the same brick and try sliding it down a water slide, there is a good chance that you will be able to let it travel extremely far.

That is why there are many things that are just as important as working on yourself.

For example, you can be a brick in this example, but as long as you are able to find the correct medium to slide on, you will be able to let yourself travel effortlessly with no real resistance.

Examples of different paths

Let’s talk about what can be done to choose the correct path or what can be done to make one path easier to travel.

At first, you must identify where you are going and for what reason. Usually, this means really asking real questions when it is most uncomfortable and digging to find what exactly is you want in life.

But speaking bluntly, if you want to start a career somewhere, going an extra mile away from your goal is the path of most resistance, but as long as you make sure that after you do your research, you will dodge all the rocks on your path, you will guarantee yourself success. Otherwise, you will make mistakes and instead of having a smooth ride will fail miserably and more painfully.

The whole procedure of doing things, not the hardest way and not even the correct way, but just the easiest way where you are ultimately guaranteed success is the best way to go about this.

You don’t need to give yourself a 100% chance, but by just giving yourself 5 or even 10% extra, you will be able to improve your chances already considerably, which is more than enough in the world where everything is determined by chance.

The path of least resistance can also be applied to the way you get into the relationship or get promoted in your career. The way to get to the goal can wary, but getting there is the most important part. You can get there by making a lot of mistakes and ending up nowhere in years, or you can simplify everything and arrive at your destination in no time.

Try to explore the path of least resistance. No-one knows where you will find it or how it can benefit you.

Klim Y